Life and Loss

Life and Loss

Its days like today that give you a hard slap and remind you that life is fleeting and to be grateful for what you do have. It’s not a cliche. It’s just the truth. Hearing of Kobe Bryant’s passing along with his 13 year old daughter and the others on that helicopter is a shock felt worldwide. For us it’s the passing of a sports icon. But for his loved ones, it’s a loss that will be felt longer than any of us would like to imagine. For the families of the other yet unnamed victims, it’s a tragedy just as painful. Fame and money don’t matter when you’re in pain. But it does bring home the point that none of us are untouchable. So while we are able we must really cherish what we have or rather who we have. It can all be gone in an instant.

Be grateful. Say I love you. Celebrate your loved ones.

New Year 2020

New Year 2020

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best in 2020.

Everyone’s talking about their goals for the new year. I’m not sure what mine are.

Well, besides making sure the kids eat, get to soccer practice and games on time. They should probably get to school on time too. Hmm…

I should probably try to get to work on time too. Ya, that’s a good one.

Staying organized. Being positive. Finally get that business up and running. Get some writing done…

Nope, I have no goals for this year.

Wholesale Academy

Wholesale Academy

I’ve never been very interested in writing product/service reviews. I may have done one or two during the lifetime of this blog. But I know there are many parents out there that are either interested in or have found their niche as an entrepreneur. For those of you that are selling products and are looking to grow your business, then the Wholesale Academy is for you.

See below for a description of this 8-week course led by a dynamic and passionate business coach who has extensive experience in the retail industry and can show you the ins and outs of getting your products into stores. I’ve worked in retail for 15+ years, and have seen many smaller businesses struggle with the process that they are required to master in order to have maybe 1 or 2 of their items placed in a store planogram. But with the Wholesale Academy, you will learn how to not only master this process but gain access to different markets.

Click on the link below for more details and information on how to register.

Wholesale Academy starts Sept 9th! You can’t afford to wait!


Wholesale Academy is the ONLY online program dedicated to helping you scale and grow your business through wholesale! If you sell physical products and want to know how to get your products carried in stores, then this program is for you.

Stop dreaming about how to get your products carried in stores and learn from a former Buyer and Sr. Category Manager who managed 1000 stores across Canada and was responsible for deciding what products would be carried. Get inside access into what stores and buyers are looking for when evaluating products, so you can succeed at retail. PLUS, you will learn how to get set up on Amazon and get access to 3 major markets (US, Canada and Mexico).

Get more details in the link below!

Kids, Vacation, Relaxation…?

Kids, Vacation, Relaxation…?

Traveling with children.

It’s always a bit stressful, even when they’re no longer toddlers. You still worry that they have everything they might need. Trying not to over pack or overthink it all. For me, its always a struggle. Then the moment of dismay when you realize you’ve forgotten something “essential”.


The Soccer Diva will be 13 next year. I told her she’s doing all her own packing next time. She looked at me like I was crazy. Baby girl still has a way to go. But they did pack their own carry on bag, so we’re half way there…?

Now if they could pay for their own plane tickets…

Summer Vacation for Parents

Summer Vacation for Parents

Baby Girl asked me the other day why parents don’t get Summer vacation too.

I thought it was a valid question.

Who’s idea was it to make the Summer mandatory working months?

Have you no heart?

I could be home every day with the kids, spending money…on the kids

Breaking up fights and cleaning up the mess that they make and refuse to clean themselves

Hearing “Mom…” every five minutes of every day…

Ooohhh…now I get it.

Summer 2019-Wk 1

Summer 2019-Wk 1

The first week of Summer break is now behind us. I was able to work from home this week. My husband thinks that this should be said with air quotes as if I do no work. I wish he was right. Baby Girl thought staying home with mom was going to be filled with amazing adventures. Instead it was filled with “Just give Mommy 20 more minutes, ” and “We need to hurry, because I have to get back to work “. I could see it happening but I still needed to get my work done. There were also 2 visits to the walk in clinic for both girls. There were errands to run that I never have time to do.

So today, I promised her that we would go to the splash pad. After 2 hours sitting in the walk in clinic and rushing home to check emails and trying to figure out lunch or at least a snack until lunch…we finally made it to the splash pad. There was the promise of a thunderstorm but we made it home just in time.

It was a bit tricky at times and there were moments of frustration, but the week turned out fairly well. Wish I could CD work from home more often.

But that was only week one. I could be delirious due to the amazing weather…

Mother’s Day 2019

Mother’s Day 2019

Hope you mamas all had a beautiful Mother’s day.

Mine was quite nice.

It started off with a few pouts and some arguing…

No, it wasn’t me this time!

But my girls pulled it together and we grabbed Nana and had a nice brunch after church.

The hubby made a lovely dinner and a good time was had by all.


Who do I have to pay to change every day to Mother’s day?