Baby Girl’s 8th Birthday

Baby Girl’s 8th Birthday

So somehow I forgot to post about Baby Girl’s birthday! How on earth could I do that? Well, my baby is now 8 years old and things are definitely changing around here. She still likes to cuddle, but she’s getting so tall I basically have to fold her into a pretzel when she sits on my lap. She stands up to her sister now, which throws Diva Girl right off her game. She’s had to back down a couple of times just because she had no comeback for Baby Girl’s ‘burns’. Baby Girl plays soccer now and you can tell that she pays attention to her sister because the girl has some moves! Her confidence has definitely developed. A lot has changed. That includes her attitude. My sweet and quiet little girl has developed a very big attitude…

Oh, my. Someone is definitely following in her older sister’s footsteps!

Pray for me.



Last week of school!

I think I might cry…

Tears of JOY!

No lunches that don’t get eaten.

No negotiations for “5 more minutes mommy!” Which turns into 10.

No yelling to hurry up and the knowledge that I’m late for work AGAIN.

Sigh…what bliss.

Yes, I know I will still have to do most of this for summer camp but just let me have this moment. Geez.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Remember all those sleepless nights when they were scared of the dark or a thunder storm and you stayed up with them until they fell asleep?

Remember when their chubby little hands first grasped your finger and your heart at the same time?

Remember the first time you welcomed them to their new home and they knew they were loved?

Remember when they scraped their knee or broke their arm and you comforted them and cried with them?

Remember their first broken heart or lost friendship and the tears you dried?

Remember the numerous times you lay awake waiting for their call or the sound of the key in the lock promising to kill them but grateful they were safe?

Remember giving them tough love and hard advice then providing hugs as required?

Remember your insecurity at being a mom and doubting you would ever figure this thing out even though everyone else obviously knew what they were doing?

Remember every time they said “I love you Mommy” and your heart filled to the point of bursting?

Ya…that’s why today is your day.

Happy Mother’s day!

When did that happen?

When did that happen?

It was Diva girl’s birthday last week. Eleven years old! What the hell? When did that happen?

Wasn’t I just changing diapers and wiping runny noses just yesterday?

Now I’m telling her to turn off her tablet or Nintendo whatchamacallit or to stop hitting her sister or…not to forget that I’m her mother not one of her friends.

Ugh…I’m saying stuff like that now. Her questions are answered with “because I said so…” and “I don’t need a reason…just do it” and quite a few ” don’t make me say it twice…”


I have become my mother.

But I realize that no matter how cool you may be, parenting can strip the cool factor right off you. Despite the laugh fests, shopping days or bike rides. Or the movie dates and tickle wars…at some point in your parenthood you will become that parent. The one that says ‘no’ or has to hand out the discipline or call them out in front of a friend because they’ve crossed a line…

You lose a couple of degrees in the popularity ranking. Its inevitable I guess.

We’re not even at the teen years yet…

Pass the wine please.

Bathroom buddies

Bathroom buddies

As parents we know that bathroom time does not equate to private time. This is the time when your child feels that the most important conversations of the day should happen. So instead of complaining about what we already know, I’ve provided some examples of the conversations my children choose to have when I have been…





Baby girl: “Mommy I don’t want the rest of my breakfast.”

Me: “Is your tummy full?”

Baby girl: “Yes, can I have a cookie?”

Soccer Diva:”Mommy I think my nose is disappearing.”


Soccer Diva:”Well…the skin is peeling.”

Me: “It should still be there when I’m done. I’ll look at it then.”

Both in an argument: “She hit me!” “NO I didn’t!” “Yes you did!” “You pulled my hair!” “MOMMY!”

Me: “Okay…just wait right there. I’m going to pull both your hair as soon as I’m done”