Because motherhood will never be a perfect science


on March 3, 2012

Okay, so do you remember before you had kids? I know, I know, seems like forever right? Think about those times when you’d be out, either at the mall or someone’s house and there would be that one child that wasn’t listening. As a matter of fact they were being downright rude! Remember looking at them and shaking your head and saying something like “Geez! Why doesn’t his mother or father do something?” and then the really good part: “WHEN I HAVE KIDS, THEY WILL NEVER BEHAVE LIKE THAT!” (Insert laughter here!)

Oh yes, parents everywhere you were duped into thinking that your child would be the one ‘special’ child that behaved like an angel everywhere you went! Poor fools! You thought ‘the look’ that your parents used on you would work on your own offspring?! Sigh…so did I; my friends! So… did… I!

I remember going out with my mom, and I was usually pretty well behaved. But you know how it is…every so often you try to push your boundaries. But whenever I did, my mother pushed right back! All she had to do was give me ‘the look’. You know…the one that said “You must have lost your mind, to think you could get away with that!” One of those looks, could straighten your posture, sit you down and press every wrinkle out of your best outfit! Whew!

However, this generation of beautiful, talented and independent children don’t always respond to ‘the look’. Now don’t get me wrong, my kids are pretty good. But every so often I have to remind them that there is a certain way to behave when you are in public and every so often they choose to ignore ‘the look’.  I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve only had one major public tantrum from Diva girl, who is now old enough to think again before throwing herself down on the floor. Baby girl still has her moments but it’s manageable.

I’ve worked very hard on my look. You know you have to get it just right. A little bit of “don’t even think about it” and a touch of “I will get loud right about now!” and sprinkle some “didn’t we talk about this before we left the house?”  If you get just the right combo, it can usually calm things down, before they get out of hand. But as a mother of two, I am now seasoned enough to know that it’s a fine line between manageable and full blown chaos sometimes!

I don’t know about you, but now when I do see a child misbehaving in public, instead of shaking my head, I say “Thank God it’s not my kid!”

At least not today!


2 responses to “NOT MY KID!

  1. tycobeans says:

    For me, the worst of those situations is when your child does something that you haven’t had to discipline them for yet…then you’re in line at the bank trying to figure out What you’re supposed to do now! That’s why its a good idea to have them pre-scared of The Look! he he

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