Because motherhood will never be a perfect science


on June 19, 2012



So, here I am trying to be conscious of what I feed my kids as well as what I put on their skin. Baby girl has had eczema since birth and I just found out a month ago that Diva girl has apparently developed a mild case. Geez! So, because of this I have been searching for an affordable but natural sunscreen. I say affordable, because when you have 2 kids in 2 different daycare rooms, you need 2 tubes of sunscreen and at $20 -$30 a tube, the natural stuff can really drain your wallet.

I’m just sayin…

I did my research and found a few brands that sounded great. The first problem was finding a retailer and not having to order online. Which I don’t normally mind, but I was under a time crunch since it is required as soon as it starts to get warm (for daycare, I mean). Imagine my surprise when I walked into my local HomeSense and found a natural brand for less than $10! Unfortunately, there was only 1 bottle left, but anyone who has shopped in HomeSense or Winners, knows that when you find something, you better get it right away, because it won’t be there for long. So I bought it! How proud of myself, I was to know that I had procured at least one bottle of a natural sunscreen for the girls! Heiko Sunscreen for Kids (reg. $30 online)! I marched into that daycare feeling very GREEN. Baby girl would not only be protected from the damage the sun could do to her skin, but also from the evil chemicals that the other companies layered into their products! I AM MOTHER, HEAR ME ROAR!

Can someone tell me why my child came home looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost?!

There was a layer of white cream dried into a halo shape around the perimeter of her face and both arms were caked with this natural sunscreen. Why? Why? Why? I asked the teachers. Well, because the darn thing doesn’t rub in, of course! Duh! Apparently when you remove all the garbage that comes in some of the other brands it no longer absorbs into your skin.

Now, I must admit…the first time I saw her, I laughed my head off. She looked as if she’d dunked her head into a bowl of baking flour! Okay, stop laughing! This is my kid we’re talking about here! Yes, I’m smiling, but I’m her mother!!!

Well, luckily the sunscreen I found for Diva girl (couldn’t find any more of the Heiko) was Alba Botanica for Kids and it apparently is a good natural choice too. So far it has rubbed in well and now I’m on the hunt to find another tube, since I did only pay $9!

During my search I have discovered other natural brands, so I’m learning a lot. The Alba Botanica allows the girls to retain their natural complexion, so I think I’ll stick with it for now. If anyone knows of anything that may be better then I will gladly try it out. Let me know!  As long as it doesn’t require my kids to say “BOO!” then I’m happy!


2 responses to “AU NATUREL…?

  1. Your adventures bring back wonderful memories! Thanks for the giggles and keep up the good work! It sounds like you’re an amazing mommy. 🙂

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