So we made it through the first day with success! It was touch and go for a moment though. Every time Diva girl talked about the school bus or meeting new friends, her big brown eyes started to fill up. I tried my best to comfort her, but I recognize in her my fear of trying new things and meeting new people. It broke my heart and I almost lost it a couple of times. Just imagining how she would feel on the bus and at school, if not all of her friends from last year were in her class. I must admit I didn’t sleep well last night worrying about her on that bus out of my reach and Diva girl woke up at midnight and I knew it was nerves getting the best of her. So I tried to make all of her favourite things to eat for snack time and lunch. I even made a little heart out of construction paper and put it in her lunch bag, so that if she was feeling a little sad she could look at it to hopefully cheer her up. Then I took a deep breath, put a smile on my face and told her that “everything would be fine”.  Isn’t that a line that every mother keeps in her back pocket???

Well, being the Diva that she is…she was dressed to impress this morning, I must say. I bet you’re thinking I had something to do with that, aren’t you? You think you know me right?

Anyhoo, looking lovely as usual, even if she was very nervous; we took the obligatory first day of school pics with Baby girl in tow. Poor thing, Baby girl was sure she was going on the big bus too. She was posing her little heart out! Well, by the time they said the last chorus of “CHEESE!” and we saw the bus chugging up the road, Diva girl was so excited to be on the big bus, she gave us all a quick kiss and practically dragged me to the front of the line. Off she went, waving and smiling….all I wanted to do was cry! I was still “what if’ing”, but I promised to meet her at school today, and that is what I did. I wasn’t sure what I would find, but she was great! She’d already found old friends and was excited to start her day.


Wait a minute…we have to do this again tomorrow?

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