I am proud to say that I did NOT meet Diva girl at school today! Yay me!

I did a drive by instead!

Listen, I never said I was perfect!

I was happy to see her safe and sound standing beside a teacher waiting to go inside. So I just kept on driving.

All was good in my world…until she came home and told me that one of the kids on the bus hit her! GRRR!

Apparently when she was standing with the teacher it was because she had been crying and just finished telling her what happened. In my efforts to be discreet, I didn’t see her tears.

How could I not have seen them? I feel like the worst mom in the world right now.

But tomorrow I will be speaking with the bus driver and the school.

Unhappy mom signing off.


  1. Hello – Found you whilst on Lesleys site – don’t worry I think of all of us have done a drive by and also felt guilt and not having seen any incidents. I know I did when my eldest (now 29) didn’t have any friends in prep and I would sit in my car and watch her in the playground to see if any one would play with her… heartbreaking as she sat alone.

    1. Hi! Thanks, it’s good to know I’m not alone. Some days I just want to say ‘Forget it, I’ll drive you’ but I know it’s for my comfort only and not hers, so I’m learning to let go….just a bit. It’s hard to keep from jumping to their rescue all the time!

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