Baby girl is a talking whirlwind now. We are having full and interesting conversations about daycare and what she ate for lunch. We can discuss the merits of watching Dora or Diego in the morning and when to wake up her sister. Okay, it’s not as sophisticated as it sounds, but I love it. Listening to her is so much fun. Everything is said in a high pitch at an even higher level and ends in a question. When you tell her it’s time to use her inside voice, she whispers every single conversation until you tell her to speak up…and boy does she ever!

But I think the cutest thing is her pronunciation of most words that start with ‘s’.

In Baby girl’s world, it is apparently silent.

“Mommy, I want ‘nack, peese!”  Translation: “…snack, please!”

“Is it ‘nowing yet Mommy?” Translation: “…snowing yet Mommy?”

“He’s ‘noring to yowd” Translation: “…snoring to loud” and she’s talking about her Daddy…not me!

How could you not be engaged in a conversation with such abundant cuteness?

I mean come on!

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