So, both of my daughters have a bit of a problem…

They both like to shop!

I have absolutely NO idea where they would have gotten something like that from!

It’s baffling to the mind…they really must get it from their father’s side.

Wouldn’t have anything to do with my shoe and bag addiction.

Ummm….nope that can’t be it!

I’ve kicked that particular habit…ALMOST.

Baby girl is obsessed with her blue sparkly shoes and her purple tiara. But as soon as she gets a new pair of shoes, she has to put them on and parade around the house for hours….and I mean hours!

Diva girl wrinkles up her nose at ‘Hello Kitty!’ but will wear anything with cool graphics and bright colours…and please, oh please, let it not be a dress!

Sigh…who on earth is influencing my children?!

What’s that Sweetie? A 2 for 1 sale at where…?

Okay, I’m logging off now…


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