Yes…we found the little crusty bugger.

I say crusty, because he ended up in a basket full of clean clothes only to be discovered this morning as I got the kids ready for daycare and summer camp. As I was helping Baby girl put on a pair of socks, out he fell of one of them looking like he had a very adventurous time in the dryer. We all looked down at the same time and all I could think to say was….


Poor Baby girl was up on the steps refusing to come down until Diva girl took matters into her own hands.


She picked up that poor dried out sucker and put him in the garbage. Thank God cuz as clean as he was, I still didn’t want to touch it.

Many questions come to mind now that the snail has departed from his earthly realm. Where had he been all this time? What did he see on his adventures? What lessons did he learn about life?

Ummm….never joy ride in a Maytag???

What….too soon?

The Snail saga is now over.

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