Haven’t blogged in a while. Life just happens and sometimes when you finally take a moment, you realize how much time has passed. Many times we’re so busy worrying, planning, parenting and trying to be a responsible adult, that we literally “live our lives away”.

Forgetting to take a breath and do something that we enjoy. It’s easy to preach self-care, but not always easy to do. At least not as often as we really should.



I grew up as an only child. My friends took the place of the siblings I didnt have growing up. So I sometimes have a hard time understanding how my kids can love each other one minute and fight like crazy people one second later. How can one blue pencil cause screaming and tears, when there are literally 40 other pencils in their school supply cabinet?

How does a discussion about what TV show to watch turn into one kid stomping upstairs and slamming her door ( Ummm…excuse me? Unless you pay the mortgage…you have NO door slamming privileges). By the way, there’s a TV upstairs too.

I’ve been told time and again that this is normal. But sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Some days I try to find the lesson in every situation and talk to them about the importance of love and respect for each other. To which I receive the blank stare. Ugh… other times I just want to lock them in their rooms until they’re old enough to move out.

Is that wrong???

Just curious.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

What am I thankful for this month?

  • Another birthday celebrated with family and friends
  • A wonderful low-key Thanksgiving dinner that we hosted this year
  • Quality time with family and friends
  • Finishing my first assignment for the online course I’m taking
  • Healthy family…of course
  • Pretty decent weather for October…so far
  • People actually read my blogs!

For those of you who celebrated this weekend, hope you had a great one. For those of you celebrating next month…save me some dessert!

The Misadventures of the School Locker

The Misadventures of the School Locker

So this year Diva Girl has her first locker. Silly me…I thought this was exciting. She, on the other hand, was horrified. The thought of having to memorize a lock combo was not her idea of fun. My solution was to take her with me so she could choose her own lock. There’s definitely way more selection than when I was a kid. Then I told her to practice her combo over the weekend until she felt comfortable. But she was still a bit nervous because 2 kids at school had already forgotten their combos on the 1st day. So she practiced diligently until she had the combo memorized. To be safe we made a copy and put it in Baby Girl’s backpack. She is not yet part of the elite locker crowd.


Diva Girl had a great day, the lock situation was handled. She was so happy when she came home.

Diva: “Mom I did it! I remembered my combination today.”

Me: “That’s great!”

Diva: “I had no problems. Look!” she was very proud and takes the lock out of her bag to show me.

Me: “Uh…you’re supposed to leave the lock at school!”

I’m still laughing…