The Last Days of Summer

The Last Days of Summer

Today the girls had a play date with their cousin. I decided to take them to the park near our house. It was like pulling teeth with Diva Girl and her cousin because they wanted to stay inside and play Minecraft. Seriously? Baby Girl and I paid them no mind and got ready to go. They grumbled for a bit but by the time the park was in sight, they had forgotten the video games and made a beeline to the playground. It was cool today, a sign that summer is coming to a close and we were the only ones there for at least twenty minutes. Freeze tag was the game of choice and they proceeded to run and scream and laugh uncontrollably. I was suckered in to being a referee of sorts to ensure that everyone played fair and that Baby Girl didn’t get stuck being ‘it’ all the time, since she is the smallest and sometimes has to work harder to catch the others. After a while, a few other families began to arrive and there was one little boy in particular whose caregiver asked the girls if he could play.

And then there were four…

What I love about children is how open they are to new people, experiences, adventures and so on. Soon they were running and screaming each other’s names. The little boy who was the youngest was jumping and running with the rest. As it is with children when they play so vigorously, there are bound to be some bumps and bruises. Everyone had at least one fall into the wood chips that line the playground area. Baby Girl had a fall that left her in tears and the little boy was quick to offer the services of his dog for comfort (present with the caregiver) and advised her to pet him so that she could feel better.


She was all better after that.

When it was time to go, the little boy said goodbye to them (twice to Baby Girl) and they all yelled ‘bye!’ to him as well.

Summer may be almost over, but beautiful moments can happen any time.


On the Other Foot…

On the Other Foot…

Baby Girl yesterday at Tim Horton’s: “Mommy, I hope I have a lot of shoes when I grow up so I can wear a different one every day”

This comment came after she spotted a very fashionable woman in a pair of even more fashionable shoes. (yes, I saw her too)


Well…the shoe really doesn’t fall far from the tree…ummm….shoe rack

I’m so proud!

Baby Girl Needs a Nap!

Baby Girl Needs a Nap!

One day last week…

We’d just gotten home after I picked her and her sister up from school and daycare. Baby Girl was a bit grumpy because apparently she didn’t have a very good nap at ‘nap time’.

Well, we all went upstairs to wash our hands and change out of the clothes we’d been in all day and Baby Girl was just cranky!

After washing her hands, she started to give me the ‘talk’.

“Mommy, you forgot to roll up my sleeves and I asked you 2 times!”

Okay…but you know how to roll up your sleeves, child…

“…and then you put soap on my boo-boo and now it’s hurting!”

Did you tell me you have a boo-boo?

“Bend down Mommy, bend down…”

She proceeds to tug on the front of my shirt to indicate that I really, really needed to bend down.

So I did and so did Diva Girl…

“Do you see this boo-boo right here?” The child proceeded to show me a red dot on her thumb so small that I’m sure I would have missed it had I not had on my glasses.

Now I just want you to take a moment to picture my soon to be 4 year old speaking to me as if I may be a bit senile (no comments please) as she pointed out the offensive looking (but very miniscule) injury on her cute little thumb.

Sigh with me please….SIGH

Diva Girl decides to chime in at this point… “Oh I see it Mommy!”

Ummm… thanks, your 2 cents has really contributed to diffusing the situation.

Two minutes later, after promising to find a band-aid that would cover that boo-boo; she has turned on her big sister and was giving her attitude equipped with vigorous finger pointing, neck snapping energy. I think the Diva was a little nervous…

Needless to say, the rest of the evening was quite interesting until we all went to bed!



Have you ever watched your children play when they don’t realize you’re watching?

They are so full of spirit and joy. They are unburdened with the pressures of everyday life and their hope knows no bounds. Their imaginations take them to places we can only wish to visit and fear is not an option.

Last night, as I got the girls ready for bed, I’d gone downstairs to warm some milk for Baby girl. I came back upstairs without her knowledge and there she was in her room dancing her little heart out, singing a quiet tune to herself. She was so into it, she didn’t even notice me. Out came her air guitar or the ‘rock-tar’ as she would call it, and she wailed away on that thing.

I just thought to myself, Wow…when was the last time I danced like no one was watching?

As we get older, we become so self-conscious. We forget how to let go of our inhibitions and just have fun for a few moments and even when we do succeed in letting go, we tend to feel foolish or embarrassed. Why?

I love dancing with my girls. Diva girl is the hip-hop, break-dancing dynamo and Baby girl is the tutu-wearing, forever–twirling, ballerina/princess. They have so much fun. They just laugh and enjoy the silliness of the moment and it’s almost always me that ends the merriment when I have to get back to doing the things we do as parents and adults, like cleaning, cooking, or whatever.  But those moments when I am able to truly let go with my kids and have fun and more importantly watch them having fun are some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful times in my world.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to make A LOT more time to dance with my daughters. Just be silly, happy and crazy and…





Well, Baby girl is 3 ½ years old and she is as tricky as she is cute. I think of her as my little Minnie Mouse. Her voice goes up an octave at the end of each sentence or question. She scrunches up her nose when I say something that she doesn’t understand…like why she can’t have a lollipop at 7am.

She’s almost as quick as her sister with the comebacks. For example…

A few weeks ago we went out for lunch with Nana after gymnastics. As we enjoyed our food Baby girl was in a very talkative mood and spent more time talking than eating. At one point I said to her, “Okay, enough talking Missy Chatty, Chatty.” She immediately responded “Okay, Miss Coffee, Coffee!”

Ahem….I quietly sipped my coffee after that. My mother didn’t make a very good effort at hiding her smirk.

Very nice Nana….!

But she’s the sweetest thing most of the time. I get endless hugs and kisses whenever I ask. She offers to help in the kitchen and in the laundry room. She eats all of her fruits and veggies without arguing unlike her big sis. That reminds me of one day last week when she requested strawberries as her snack. Well, I was in the kitchen washing dishes and actually forgot to give them to her. That sweet little thing came into the kitchen and said….

Old woman…where are my strawberries?”

She had the smile of an angel…sigh.

Yes…I’m sure she’s only 3 ½. I was there when she was born.

Gotta love my Baby girl!



Baby girl wants to be a pink power ranger for Christmas. No, I didn’t say she wants a pink power ranger…I said she wants to be a pink power ranger!

Diva girl has been adding to her list every time she watches a new commercial.

When did Christmas become so complicated?

I remember being a kid and the most difficult part of Christmas was waiting for it to arrive!

Now it’s about finding the right gifts at the right price and hoping that the toy you got is the ‘cool’ one for the season or that the jeans you bought are on the up side of the latest trend…

My kids aren’t even teenagers yet, but they already have a keen sense of what they like and what their friends have…or at least what their friends say they have!

Ugh…I guess now I know what my mother must have gone through. I mean when she shopped for her friends’ kids because I would never be difficult to shop for. Please!!!

But even with all of that; I still love shopping for the kids; trying to pictures their faces when they wake up early on Christmas morning full of excitement to rip open their presents…

I want them to enjoy that part of the holidays! The anticipation, the fun, the family togetherness and laughter. I want to take tons of pictures to show them when they get older. I also want them to appreciate the ‘spirit of giving’ by donating to those who have so much less than they do; so we will be doing that once again this year.

Sigh…even if I have to wrestle a baby doll from Baby girl’s clamp-like grip when she realizes that when the toy goes in the donation box it doesn’t come back to her. I know she’ll figure it out soon. : )

In the meantime, I’m on the hunt for a pink power ranger outfit…



Baby girl gave me the countdown the other day…yes, that’s what I said…the countdown.

It was bath time and she wasn’t in the mood to cooperate with Mommy. So she was running around and causing lots of mischief. Now Baby girl knows when she’s pushing the boundaries and she also knows just how darn cute she is so sometimes she tries to use her adorability factor to try to get away with stuff. She will just throw her head back and laugh as she refuses to put on her PJ’s or she’ll give me the big brown puppy dog eyes when I catch her putting her barrettes in her juice.

But I was tired and it was time for the girls to go to bed, plus Diva girl really wanted a story before she went to sleep so I was trying to factor all that in and make sure they still went to bed at a decent hour.


Well Baby girl wasn’t interested. Now, I had 2 choices…


Firm tone with consequences.

Yelling was my first inclination (yeah I know…bad mommy).

I went with the firm tone just so you know. Then I gave her the countdown.

1-2-3-4…..don’t let me get to 5

This usually works quite well, as the girls know that waiting until 5 is not their best option. Privileges and treats are in jeopardy and the threat of time spent in their room looms over them.

Well, she let me get to 5. Yes, she did. So she was put in her room while I helped Diva girl get ready for bed.

Now that the attention was no longer on her, Baby girl proceeded to wail at the top of her lungs (she was laughing in between so don’t feel too bad). Then she decided she wanted me to come help her get dressed after all, to which I said “When you are ready to listen to Mommy, then I will come back in there…”

The child started counting…

Now Diva girl is staring at me in shock and then she burst out laughing. I told her to stop and she said…

“But Mommy, it’s so funny!” and since I was trying not to laugh myself, I told her to try to laugh quietly so Baby girl didn’t hear us.

One…two….’free’….four….DON’T LET ME GET TO FIVE MOMMY!

What’s Happening…

What’s Happening…

Diva girl lost her two front teeth at the top. She got $8.50 (yes I was scrounging for change) and thank goodness she was happy with that.

Baby girl’s last swim class was today and we can all breathe a sigh of relief (until next Spring at least). Of course the last class was the only one where she didn’t cry (actually scream) through the whole thing. Makes sense…

Diva girl has been introduced to the ‘S’ word, the ‘F’ word and the finger…and she’s only in grade 1!

Baby girl has learned the art of manipulation. She’s realized that a few tears and telling her daycare teacher to call her mommy repeatedly will get me there sooner than normal. Throw in a refusal to eat her lunch and its game over. Until I get there and then she smiles as bright as the sun and eats two muffins in one sitting.

‘Me time’ consists of 20 minutes reading time before Baby girl wakes up on Saturday morning at 6:30 am. Something she and her sister refuse to do during the week when I need to get all 3 of us out of the house on time. If I let them they would both sleep until 8:30!

Tantrums, colds, vomit on the stairs, growing pains and attitude with a capital ‘TUDE’!


That was just the month of October!