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Back to School 2015

Two more sleeps until school starts…
Two more sleeps until my children are back to a routine
Two more sleeps until I can stop spending cases of money to keep them occupied
Two more sleeps people!
Are they prepared?
Who cares?!
I sure am!

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Almost Back to School

Time really does fly doesn’t it?

I mean with wings and all!

One day it was Baby Girl’s 5th birthday and the next we are in August and I’m going through their closets to determine what is needed for back to school.


Back to the regular routine and rushing the girls every morning to get ready…

Arguing about clothes, breakfast and moving just a little faster.

We’ve had a really good summer, I guess that’s why I’m having a hard time thinking about getting back into the school routine.

Who knows…

Maybe it’ll be me that has to be told to hurry up and eat my breakfast on that first day.

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The Party’s Over!

Well, the first week of school went quite well…

How could I forget that it wasn’t the first week that’s the problem!

So, the Diva is in grade 2 and in the same school as last year with her friends so not much drama there.

That means the drama had to be with Baby girl of course; and that’s understandable given that she’s starting JK and it’s a whole new world for her.

Her school staggered the starting date for the Kindergarten kids so her first day was on the Thursday. She was fine and quite excited to get ready for school…new dress, new shoes and a new Tinker bell backpack. Couldn’t get any better than that. She was accompanied by a full entourage, as I took the day off, Daddy took the morning off and big sister was being dropped off at school instead of taking the school bus. Now Baby girl is the suffer in silence type of kid and so she endured all of her sister’s advice with a brave face and put on a smile when I asked if she was okay. I managed to maneuver her away from most of the kids that were bawling their eyes out and the one mom who needed a hug. But once we walked her to her class the tears started.

Fast forward to the end of the day, she was happy to see me and she had a great day! Yay! Friday was a great drop off and a great day AGAIN! Two for two!

Well, not sure what happened between Friday and Monday, but that morning she got up and decided that she wasn’t going to school and that I should call her to teacher to let her know that she wouldn’t be coming. She politely closed her bedroom door and lay down on her bed in her school clothes.


This has been the ritual for the past 2 weeks and every day when I pick her up she tells me what a great day she had.

“So I guess there will be no reason for tears tomorrow, right?”

“No Mommy!” she says as she rolls her eyes. Like…why would she cry???

Then the next morning we start again with her not wanting to go to school and crying at the door. We’ve even progressed to hanging on to my jacket and “No Mommy, no!” as the teacher tries to guide her to her classroom. I guess I should take comfort in the fact that she’s not the only one. On Friday, we passed a father who couldn’t get his child out of the car (they live on our street)…and she’s in Grade 2!

Well, I do remember going through this with Diva girl and so I know that this will pass but if you read about a 4 year old trying to make a getaway in her mother’s car…

I’m just sayin.

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Back to school tomorrow!


What? Too much?

No more trying to figure out how to keep the kids entertained and out of trouble 8 hours a day every day including weekends!

“Mommy I’m bored!” will be reduced to more manageable evenings and perhaps Saturdays and Sundays. But can always be combatted with homework, bath time and early bedtimes.


I can see it now…evenings of peaceful bliss, no squabbling, no yelling or crying. Just the soft snores of very tired children.


Did I mention that Baby girl is starting school too?

Two kids in school = no daycare!

No more daycare = MORE MONEY

Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

Kidding! Stay tuned!

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What’s Happening…

Diva girl lost her two front teeth at the top. She got $8.50 (yes I was scrounging for change) and thank goodness she was happy with that.

Baby girl’s last swim class was today and we can all breathe a sigh of relief (until next Spring at least). Of course the last class was the only one where she didn’t cry (actually scream) through the whole thing. Makes sense…

Diva girl has been introduced to the ‘S’ word, the ‘F’ word and the finger…and she’s only in grade 1!

Baby girl has learned the art of manipulation. She’s realized that a few tears and telling her daycare teacher to call her mommy repeatedly will get me there sooner than normal. Throw in a refusal to eat her lunch and its game over. Until I get there and then she smiles as bright as the sun and eats two muffins in one sitting.

‘Me time’ consists of 20 minutes reading time before Baby girl wakes up on Saturday morning at 6:30 am. Something she and her sister refuse to do during the week when I need to get all 3 of us out of the house on time. If I let them they would both sleep until 8:30!

Tantrums, colds, vomit on the stairs, growing pains and attitude with a capital ‘TUDE’!


That was just the month of October!

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Back to School Expert Advice

I got a frantic text from a friend of mine a few days ago. Her daughter starts kindergarten next week. She had no idea what to pack her for lunches and just needed someone to give her ideas on what she would need in her backpack that first week. She even needed advice on the kind of backpack to send her to school with.


I remember those days. The panic, the worry, the frantic preparation….

Seems so long ago!

I’m a pro now that Diva girl is going into grade one! We’ve got her ‘Phineas & Ferb’ backpack with the ‘Perry the Platypus’ lunch bag, all from her favorite show on Disney XD (good job mom!). We have a very cool blue water bottle (thanks to Nana) and we are completely finished our back to school shopping.

Ha! No problem at all!

So I called my poor friend to calmly give her the 411 on what to do.

Like a good friend I told her to just pack snacks that her daughter would normally eat at home or daycare in re-usable containers. I let her know that it was more about watching what came home in her lunch bag every day that would guide her on what to pack and that once her daughter made friends and started seeing what other kids ate….it would all change anyway and she would either be arguing with her about not eating the lunch she sent or giving in and buying other things that her daughter would request based on her friends’ lunches.

No stress there!

As is my duty, I let her know that the foods that her daughter once loved and were easy for her to make would all go down the drain and she would decide that she no longer liked cheese sandwiches or wraps or lettuce or chicken (unless it was breaded and came in the form of a nugget) or apples or pears…

Oh wait…is that just my child???

Oops…maybe that was why she sounded a little teary-eyed by the time we were done talking!


Guess, I’m not such a pro…especially since Diva girl starts a new school for French Immersion and it’s bigger and she’s nervous and I’m nervous and…it’s bigger and yada, yada, yada…!

Oh man….I need to call a friend!

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We’ve been without reliable internet connection for a while, so I’ve been unable to do a lot of things on my laptop. I realize that I am too lazy and uninterested in blogging on my smartphone or doing anything else aside from occasionally checking my Twitter account or reading emails and sending text messages. I feel so old!

I downloaded Dropbox on my phone and still have yet to complete the download on my computer.

Sigh…by the time I get a moment to myself to do these things, I can think of at least 10 other things to do!

Yet my six and three year olds know how to manipulate the tablet flawlessly and can change the settings on my phone without a second thought. I’ve found countless random pictures in my photo gallery and my ringtone changed numerous times.

I often wonder what the world of technology will be like when they are older.

Will they be begging me to let them implant the chip for a newly invented phone into their arm ‘because all their friends are doing it’?

In September, Diva girl will unwillingly attend her new school where she’ll be in the French Immersion program. A newsletter came home on her last day of school before the summer break to advise us that the school board has implemented a ‘BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE’ program. So now children will be allowed to bring tablets, and other technology for learning purposes at school.

A room full of six year olds with cell phones, tablets and laptops?


I see no issues at all.

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Yesterday was the last day of school for my Diva girl. Most children are excited by the prospect of all that summer fun awaiting them. My daughter, however, cried herself to sleep last night.


The reason is because she will not be returning to the same school in September. She was accepted into the French Immersion program at a different school and the impact of that truly hit her yesterday as she said goodbye to her teachers and friends. She was a mass of tears before we got through the school doors and cried all the way home. She listed off every reason as to why it was so unfair for her to have to leave her friends and begged me to ‘sign her off’ of this program.


Although I know that this will be a good experience for her and that the school is really not that far away and that a lot of her school friends live in our area, so she can see them when she wants to, it was still a hard thing to see her so broken-hearted. But I realized that this would be one of many decisions that I would have to make for my kids that they probably wouldn’t like, appreciate or understand until they were older.

It was weird, because I felt like a bad parent for doing something that I really believe will be a good thing for her in the long run.


Motherhood…piece of cake.

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Do you ever notice how we project our fears onto our children? We want them to grow and experience new things, but at the same time we hold on to them and try to protect them from ‘getting hurt’. Sometimes we hold on so tight that we deprive them from learning and experiencing exactly what we thought would be good for them in the first place.


Being a parent is sometimes such balancing act.

I’ve decided to enrol Diva girl in French Immersion for grade 1 and although I know it will be a good opportunity for her, I am nervous about how she will feel since she will have to change schools. What about all her friends? Will she have problems making new ones? What if she can’t adjust? The school is further away (not five minutes away), what if something happens on the way there; on the way home…?

There’s that ‘what if’ problem again!

But you know what I realized? I was the shy kid in school. I was the kid who hated trying to make new friends. Diva girl is not like me in that sense. Yes, she does like to belong…but who doesn’t. She is definitely more outgoing than I am and people are very drawn to her. When I introduce myself to other parents whether it was at daycare or now at school, they almost always say “Ooooh you’re Diva girl’s mom! I hear about her all the time!”

There was even one parent whose twin girls named their dolls after her!

So, I’ve done my homework and made sure that the school is a good one and so is the neighbourhood. It really isn’t that far away (fifteen minutes at the most) and with a deep breath and a prayer I will be registering her for French Immersion for next year. Yikes!

It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing…..



Kids are so different aren’t they? Some kids like to create and build. Some like to dig and invent. Some kids like to be the center of attention, while some are quite happy to exist outside of the limelight and just be still. Some kids are active and good at all kinds of sports. Some kids are pretty laid back and don’t like to do as much as their parents might like….and then there’s my daughter.

Meet Diva girl; a 5 year old dynamo. She runs and talks a mile a minute. She runs to sit down, she runs to lay down; she runs EVERYWHERE! She can ask you the same question 5 times before you’ve even had the chance to formulate an answer. Her energy knows no bounds.

But I should have known that this was who she would be….since the day she was born.

It’s all in the delivery my friends.

Here are the facts: my labour was 4 ½ hours, by the time we got to the hospital the lovely nurses who were just humouring a new mother to be ended up almost knocking their selves unconscious while trying to get me to the delivery room. Fifteen minutes after I got to the hospital, we first met the Diva! At 2 months, I took her to get her pictures done and lying on her tummy, she held her head up and smiled right into the camera. Needless to say the photographer was very impressed. Even learning to walk was like trying to grab the wind! She was determined to move past the normal development milestones to get where she was going. At 18 months, people kept asking how old she was, because she could have a conversation with you as if she was 3. I could go on…

But basically, Diva girl has been in a hurry to get somewhere ever since she was a baby. It is commonplace to hear someone in our house yelling ‘WALK!’ at least 10 times a day. When she started Jr. Kindergarten she was in a combined class (JK/SK) so most of her friends were older than her. So when they started losing their teeth she was quite upset to see her perfect white teeth still holding strong and refusing to let go. “Mommy, it’s not fair that Shauna’s tooth came out and mine didn’t!” Well…one day while helping her to brush what do I see? A TOOTH! Yes, even her teeth are in a rush, her baby teeth were still intact but there are 2 of her permanent teeth already waiting to take their rightful place as residents in her mouth. It’s so funny to see her with 2 rows, but it doesn’t surprise me. I tell her to slow down but she just rolls her eyes…

She was probably doing that in my tummy too.

Yup, the delivery says it all. We haven’t even talked about Baby girl…..


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