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Painting Lulu Review

So my kids have been fascinated for the past 2 days with a new app called Painting Lulu. A friend recommended the app to me for Baby Girl (six years old), who loves to color and draw.

What is Painting Lulu you ask? (And so you should)

Well, it’s a really great way to engage your children in creative activities (and not just because you want time to yourself with a glass of wine). Basically, you download the app of the coloring pages your child wants to use (i.e. My Little Pony, Barbie, Transformers, etc). Then, simply choose the coloring pages option and select a picture to color on screen. In this option, they can also take a picture of an object or person and turn it into a picture that they can then color.

Also available for purchase from Painting Lulu ( is a coloring book with “paper to digital” pages that can be colored on and then scanned (using the app) to a mobile device. From there, kids can continue to color on screen. A crayon shaped stylus is provided with the coloring book which is small enough for little hands and made of a very flexible material that makes it easy to hold. They come in different colors and won’t damage the screen if your child is overcome with excitement.

Wait…is that just my kids?

In the page scanner option, they can scan a page from their coloring book, which will then appear in the app and allow them to color right on the screen.

The photo booth option takes it one step further by enabling your kids to take a selfie and upload it into the app with one of the characters from the coloring book. Did I mention they can color that on screen too?

The color options are very vast, with varying shades of greens, reds, blues, and so on and there is the option to use a crayon, paintbrush or marker effect. This makes it easy to create several different masterpieces with just one picture. But there are a variety of pictures available, so the outcome is really only limited by your child’s imagination!

By the way…the kids can save their pictures in an online gallery.

Baby Girl loves this app and even my very sophisticated Diva girl who at nine, is now too cool to like the same things as her younger sister; was engaged for an hour just trying the different effects. A certain adult that shall remain nameless had some fun too. (No, I’m not telling you my name)


What my kids loved about it:

  1. The crayon shaped stylus – comfortable for small hands and easy to use
  2. Multiple coloring options including crayons, markers or painting in a gazillion colors (yes, I said gazillion!)


What my kids would change:

  1. The trash can icon should be moved to another page to avoid accidental deletion. We had a few broken hearted moments when they lost their first masterpieces.

Overall, both my kids and I think this is a really fun app. You should check  out the fun at!


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Don’t Call Me Mommy…

“Mommy! I can’t find my socks!”

“They’re on your bed.”

“Oh…never mind!”

“Mommy! Where’s my pink unicorn?”

“Right behind you on your toy chest”

“Oh…never mind!”

“Mommy! Can I have something to drink?”

“Did you ask your father? You know…the man sitting on the couch right beside you?”

“Oh…never mind!”




Is it a bad thing to tell your children that they’re not allowed to talk to you for the next 10 minutes?

Just asking…

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Today I took Baby girl to daycare as usual. Every day we put her hat and back pack in her cubby along with one of her many pairs of super cute sunglasses; then she decides if she wants to change her shoes and of course that is her prerogative. I mean she’s only been wearing the one pair for the 5 minute drive to daycare, how could she possibly wear them any longer than that? Once these very important decisions have been made, she gets ‘uppies’ so we can have extra hugs and kisses before she goes to class. When she’s feeling very grown up, she holds my hand instead (no ‘uppies’ required) but I still get lots of hugs and kisses before she joins her group.


Today was much the same and she decided she wanted ‘uppies’, however, when I started giving her all of her kisses as I walked her into the class, she informed me with the sweetest smile ever that kisses were now for outside…

Yes, you heard me

“No kisses Mommy”

“Did you just say NO kisses?”

Outside only”

It’s happening…!

My baby is growing up…so what if she had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck as I (being her personal taxi) carried her into the room. It’s the kisses that are the first to go…sniff! She’s my little snuggly one, who cuddles when Diva girl is too cool for cuddles.

Where did the time go???


Mind you, I still have a bit of time I think. She still wants me to wipe her bum after a big poo.

Sigh again…how lucky am I?

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I’m so late with this post, but Baby Girl had her 4th birthday on Sunday.



When I look at her I can still see so much of the baby in her. She still wants ‘uppies’ in the morning and she still calls her cup of warm milk ‘ba-ba’ at night.

But I can also see the growth and maturity in the way she expresses herself. Like when she says “Did you not hear me say that in the first place?” or “No, I’m really serious…”

So what if ‘really’ still sounds like ‘weely’?

This September she’ll start JK and we went to the orientation at her new school a few weeks ago. I was curious to see how she would react because she is so opposite from her big sister and very shy…

Did I mention that she cried at her own birthday party when everyone sang Happy Birthday?


Well, she did quite well at the orientation especially since there were granola bars for the kids during the parents’ presentation and then playtime in the room that will be her class.

I can already feel the tears welling up. This is my baby, my youngest, the last one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad to be out of the diaper and bottle stage…but I do feel a bit melancholy.

She’s just so tiny!!!

But then again, I do remember feeling this way about my Diva Girl and look at her now! Tall, confident and full of attitude. School has really contributed a lot to who she is becoming.


Maybe I should consider home-schooling.


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Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s wishing all the dads out there lots of hugs and wet kisses; homemade cards and crafts; half burnt toast and slightly spilt orange juice; numerous sibling squabbles and toddler tantrums and just a very perfect Father’s Day!

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On the Other Foot…

Baby Girl yesterday at Tim Horton’s: “Mommy, I hope I have a lot of shoes when I grow up so I can wear a different one every day”

This comment came after she spotted a very fashionable woman in a pair of even more fashionable shoes. (yes, I saw her too)


Well…the shoe really doesn’t fall far from the tree…ummm….shoe rack

I’m so proud!


Baby Girl Needs a Nap!

One day last week…

We’d just gotten home after I picked her and her sister up from school and daycare. Baby Girl was a bit grumpy because apparently she didn’t have a very good nap at ‘nap time’.

Well, we all went upstairs to wash our hands and change out of the clothes we’d been in all day and Baby Girl was just cranky!

After washing her hands, she started to give me the ‘talk’.

“Mommy, you forgot to roll up my sleeves and I asked you 2 times!”

Okay…but you know how to roll up your sleeves, child…

“…and then you put soap on my boo-boo and now it’s hurting!”

Did you tell me you have a boo-boo?

“Bend down Mommy, bend down…”

She proceeds to tug on the front of my shirt to indicate that I really, really needed to bend down.

So I did and so did Diva Girl…

“Do you see this boo-boo right here?” The child proceeded to show me a red dot on her thumb so small that I’m sure I would have missed it had I not had on my glasses.

Now I just want you to take a moment to picture my soon to be 4 year old speaking to me as if I may be a bit senile (no comments please) as she pointed out the offensive looking (but very miniscule) injury on her cute little thumb.

Sigh with me please….SIGH

Diva Girl decides to chime in at this point… “Oh I see it Mommy!”

Ummm… thanks, your 2 cents has really contributed to diffusing the situation.

Two minutes later, after promising to find a band-aid that would cover that boo-boo; she has turned on her big sister and was giving her attitude equipped with vigorous finger pointing, neck snapping energy. I think the Diva was a little nervous…

Needless to say, the rest of the evening was quite interesting until we all went to bed!

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Happy Birthday Diva Girl!

My daughter is 7 years old today!


13 more years until she moves out!!!!


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Just Another Sunday Morning

So here I was on a Sunday morning trying to find something to write about. Usually I can get a few thoughts out before the rising of the rest of the clan. But today my Diva girl was up before even her little sister which is truly a surprise.

Now the first thing my lovely soon to be 7 year old does, is dump herself on the couch beside me and ask for a story. Really? Does she not see me in creative mode? Then we have the reading over my shoulder as I write. Like that won’t break my concentration, especially as she tries to squeeze herself onto the couch beside me, right in that cozy corner where I have situated myself quite comfortably. Then she complains that she is falling off.

Hello? I was here first kid!

Yes, this is about you, but just because you can read doesn’t mean you should!

…and why is it okay for you to be asking me questions about what I’m writing while I’m writing it?

Aren’t you bored? How about some TV?

Sigh…I guess you need some attention now, huh?

Okay fine…

So then, I had to go and spend quality time with my daughter. Apparently it’s important for her development into a well-rounded and emotionally stable individual.


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Sunday Morning Ninja?

So here I am…another Sunday morning sneaking downstairs to my laptop. I’m feeling quite proud to be writing at 7:15am without disruptions. Can you feel the dedication?

Oh wait…its 8:15am?

Oh yes…spring forward and all that jazz!

Okay, well here I am at 8:15am on a Sunday morning feeling quite proud (and dedicated) to be on the laptop without one of the girls catching me in the act of sneaking though the house. I feel like a ninja!

I’m not even making tea or coffee because I’m afraid the sounds of movement will wake somebody up! Sigh…

Yes, this is my life!

So now I can begin!


The girls? Oh right…they’re good!

Diva girl has another loose tooth and I’m about to raid her piggy bank and put the money under her pillow. I need a loan.

Seriously…how many freakin’ teeth does she have anyway?!

Baby girl has reached a new level of cuteness with a large dose of attitude. She gets it from her sister.

Did somebody snicker???

Words like “definitely” and “awesome” and phrases like “no really, I’m totally serious” spill out of her mouth on a regular basis but yet the word “three” still sounds like “free”.

Go figure.

But that’s okay, because she’ll be four in June and she won’t care about three (free) anymore!

Diva girl will be 7 next month and she is a comedian, performer, athlete and little ‘Miss Know it All’ who corrects her sister every chance she gets!

Oh man…the fights are becoming legendary!

I think I need to buy a referee jersey and a whistle.

But first I need coffee. All this sneaking around really takes its toll!

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