I grew up as an only child. My friends took the place of the siblings I didnt have growing up. So I sometimes have a hard time understanding how my kids can love each other one minute and fight like crazy people one second later. How can one blue pencil cause screaming and tears, when there are literally 40 other pencils in their school supply cabinet?

How does a discussion about what TV show to watch turn into one kid stomping upstairs and slamming her door ( Ummm…excuse me? Unless you pay the mortgage…you have NO door slamming privileges). By the way, there’s a TV upstairs too.

I’ve been told time and again that this is normal. But sometimes I wonder if I’m doing something wrong. Some days I try to find the lesson in every situation and talk to them about the importance of love and respect for each other. To which I receive the blank stare. Ugh… other times I just want to lock them in their rooms until they’re old enough to move out.

Is that wrong???

Just curious.

The Misadventures of the School Locker

The Misadventures of the School Locker

So this year Diva Girl has her first locker. Silly me…I thought this was exciting. She, on the other hand, was horrified. The thought of having to memorize a lock combo was not her idea of fun. My solution was to take her with me so she could choose her own lock. There’s definitely way more selection than when I was a kid. Then I told her to practice her combo over the weekend until she felt comfortable. But she was still a bit nervous because 2 kids at school had already forgotten their combos on the 1st day. So she practiced diligently until she had the combo memorized. To be safe we made a copy and put it in Baby Girl’s backpack. She is not yet part of the elite locker crowd.


Diva Girl had a great day, the lock situation was handled. She was so happy when she came home.

Diva: “Mom I did it! I remembered my combination today.”

Me: “That’s great!”

Diva: “I had no problems. Look!” she was very proud and takes the lock out of her bag to show me.

Me: “Uh…you’re supposed to leave the lock at school!”

I’m still laughing…

School Supplies

School Supplies

So every year like most parents, I am in Back to School mode. Which means shopping…which means new clothes, new shoes, and new school supplies. Backpacks, lunch bags, pencils, pens and on and on.

This year I asked the girls to take inventory of their supplies so that I could avoid what usually happens…duplication of stuff. Of course, after a week of asking, I did it myself.  You know what I discovered?

These kids don’t need anything!

Not really.

Diva Girl is going into grade 6 so I may need to get her a decent calculator and some mechanical pencils. Maybe…

But after organizing all their erasers, sharpeners, pencil crayons, etc into individual Ziploc bags and threatening a life without electronic devices if they fail to maintain order, I’ve decided that I’m not buying anything. Not even new backpacks. The ones from last year are perfectly fine (I washed them). Some of you may be thinking “big deal” but for someone like me and my DH, this is a revolution! We love to shop. Mind you, we still got them new clothes and sneakers.

We’re not monsters.

Mommy in the Middle?

Mommy in the Middle?

I know I can’t be the only one to sometimes feel like I’m the rope in a game of tug of war; the cheese in the middle of a sandwich or…I don’t know…someone stuck in the middle of EVERY conflict that happens in our home ALL THE TIME.

Fights between the kids end in “MOMMY!”

Arguments between Daddy and the girls become “Did you see what your daughter did?” and “MOMMY!”

Conflicts between grandparents and the kids…”Your child doesn’t listen!” and “MOMMY!”

Many times before anyone would think to ask how you’re doing.


I’m thinking the person that invented the concept of cloning felt sorry for their mother.

New School Nerves

New School Nerves

This September brings a new school year at a new school for both the girls. We’ve moved out of the area that they grew up in and I’m nervous. Is that weird? I’m an introvert by nature and new situations and new places was always a struggle for me growing up. I still have issues in large groups of people that I don’t know. I’ve only gotten better at disguising my discomfort…most of the time. So I worry about the girls and how they will adapt. I have an amazing amount of guilt. I’m slightly depressed by the fact that they will no longer be attending a school that offers French immersion…for numerous reasons. I am still trying to deal with that disappointment. But my biggest concerns are around how they will adapt to the new school. Baby girl is very shy and I wonder if making new friends will cause her a lot of distress. She’s very sensitive…like seriously sensitive. Although Diva girl can be shy, she is also better at being nonchalant which actually attracts people to her quite easily. I’m pretty sure she’s not aware of that superpower right now.

So I’ve made it my goal these past few weeks to talk to them about peer pressure, being the new kid, making friends and bullying. I’m hoping this will at least help to prepare them for any new and unexpected situations they may find themselves in. I try to remember what it felt like for me as a kid and use those experiences to provide them with some insight. I’m not sure they’re paying attention, but I’m hoping something will kick in at the right time.

But then again, they may just surprise me. I’m the one that’s not good with change. Something I’ve come to terms with as I’ve gotten older. But the girls are pretty resilient.

Maybe I’m the one that’s going to need someone to hold my hand on that first day of school.

Those Pesky Changes…

Those Pesky Changes…

Today on my lunch break I overheard two colleagues talking. One was bemoaning the fact that his daughter just got her period. “It’s all over,” he said. The woman with him was of no help because she kept saying stuff like “…but I just saw her the other day! She’s still so little!” Ugh! The poor guy. Apparently, this is his youngest and now she’s “no longer a baby”. As a mom, sometimes I forget how much these changes affect the dads too. I could tell this man was so worried about his daughter. It was kind of cute.

Until I remembered that I also have two daughters that are about to embark on these very same changes.

Not cute…