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5 am

Baby Girl: “Mommy! ”

Me: “Yes.”

Baby Girl: “Can you come here? ”

Me:”Why?” (Did I mention it was 5am?)

Baby Girl:”I’m cold”

Me:”So pull your blanket up over your legs.”

(She likes to kick it off before she falls asleep…and it is Summer after all)

Baby Girl:”But I don’t wanna get up!”

Me:”Neither do I! ”

Yes…this is my life.

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Happy Mother’s Day 2016

Happy Mother’s Day!
Now that it’s almost over…
Mine was filled with a great breakfast, homemade cards and pictures. The Diva made me a pillow! She must know I need more sleep.
A beautiful bracelet from the hubby and flowers! I’ll keep him for another year!
Plus a nice lunch with nana made for a very pleasant time.
But you always know when your Mother’s day time has ended…
Minor tantrums, fights and husbands falling asleep on the couch.
No days off when you’re a mom…

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Ok…So It’s Just a Birthday Party

Yesterday was the first time I actually left the Diva at a birthday party. Yes she’s nine but I come from a world where we just don’t drop off our kids at people’s houses and I am a mom who is not comfortable doing it.  Am I overprotective?  Hell ya. But both my husband and friend encouraged me to let her do this. So that she doesn’t grow up fearful and that she knows I trust her and blah blah freakin blah blah! I get it and I did it. But I surely did ask to come in for a bit so I could survey the surroundings and get a vibe. I talked with the mom and secretly watched my daughter for any discomfort and I was more than ready to drag her kicking and screaming back to the car if I felt the least bit weird about anything. But I didn’t. So I dragged myself back to the car and forced myself NOT to park in front of their house for the next 3 hours.
I had Baby Girl with me and as we left she looked at me and said “We’re leaving her here?”
Sigh…Let’s go kid before I change my mind.
So we went for ice cream…in the area.
We went window shopping…in the area.
We looked for a mother’s day gift for nana…in the area.
Feeling as if my brain was split in two parts as I explored the shops with Baby girl and at the same time wondered if that was my phone ringing (I gave Diva girl mine and her father’s cell phone numbers on a piece of paper ). Did I need to pick Baby girl up and run back to the car to save my child from some disaster?
It’s official…I am the overprotective mom that my mother was. You know…the one I didn’t think I’d be?
Well, Diva girl had a great time, safe and sound ( yes I was the first mom there…Don’t say a word ).
I’m gonna have to do this again aren’t I?

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When the Music Dies…

Michael Jackson
Whitney Houston
Luther Vandross

The legends of my childhood are all passing.
Nothing makes you feel old like hearing this tragic news and realizing your kids don’t even know who they are.
My girls only know of MJ because I had to explain to them that it wasn’t Bruno Mars that they were listening to on the radio one day.
When I was a kid it was my mom crying real tears over Marvin Gaye dying and others that I’d only heard of on the radio but never fully understood their impact on the music of that time. Now here I am trying to explain to my little ones that someone other than Justin Bieber  is an important influence in music and actually paved the way for people like him.
But they won’t get it until they’re older and the oldies/old skool to us become the classics to them.

“PYT…Pretty Young Thing”
“Rock with You”
“Greatest Love of All”
“You Give Good Love”
“Purple Rain”
“When Doves Cry”
“A House is Not a Home”


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Happy birthday to my Diva!

It was the Diva girl’s birthday this past weekend. Nine years old! Give me strength!
I look at her and I’m in awe at the following realizations:
1. I am the mother of a beautiful, strong and amazing nine year old
2. Time is running out before the teen wars begin
3. We’ve both survived nine years with my limited knowledge of motherhood
4. That damn parenting  manual is never gonna get here

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Friday Night

Friday night!
Off work and looking forward to the weekend!
Cleaning the house…
Yelling at the kids to clean their rooms…
Grocery shopping…
Hair washing and combing…
Getting ready for Monday…
I’m a party animal!
Oh wait…I found the wine!



How’s my writing going?
Don’t ask!
I really don’t want to talk about it.
Ok fine…it’s going very SLOWLY
It’s not that I’m NOT writing…I’m just not writing as much as I should and I feel I should be farther along.
See? I told you I didn’t want to talk about it!
How do people find the time to write a book/novel?
I mean seriously?
No really…I’m not in the mood to discuss.
Maybe one day when my kids are grown and don’t need me anymore and I’m retired…
What? Too dramatic?
Ok, maybe we should change the subject.
Read any good books lately? It sure as hell wasn’t mine!
This is all your fault

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Another One Out!

Attention! Baby Girl lost the other front tooth!  I repeat…the other tooth is out!
Never mind how cute she looks and the fact that she lisps when she talks (Omg…it’s so cute!)
Let’s focus on the financial strain this child is placing on the…um…Tooth  Fairy.
Have you no compassion?
Where’s the nearest ATM?
In case the Tooth Fairy wants to know…of course.

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The Tooth Fairy is Back!

Well…here we go again! Loose teeth everywhere! But now we multiply that by two children who have absolutely no care or concern for the very shallow pockets that the Tooth Fairy may have. I mean of course she may also have a very stylish handbag…she loves  a good handbag…but that doesn’t mean she’s rich! How dare they have more than one shaky tooth at a time! The Diva has three!  What the heck? Then Baby girl just comes along with two loose teeth and they just happen to be her front teeth at the top.  You know that those will bring in a pretty penny. How can she betray me…er…the Tooth Fairy  like that? Well, I gotta go…I’m scanning the classifieds for part-time work. Ahem…not for me of course. Just trying to help out the TF…we gotta stick together! 😉


Hello…so I’m a little late!

Hello? Anybody out there? Well…it’s almost the end of march in 2016 and I know I’ve been MIA for a while. I neglected to wish you a happy new year or even merry Christmas! What can I say? I have no excuse. I can only say that I let life get ahead of me for a while…
New house, new job, etc, etc.
Well, I hope to get back to a regular writing schedule soon. Not because life has all of a sudden gotten easier but because at some point I just gotta get over it already. So if there is anyone out there still reading this blog…Hi! How ya doin? I hope to be revamping the look of the blog very soon. Plus we need to catch up on my two lovely daughters and all of their antics. Why exactly did I think life would get any easier as they got older??? Maybe it was that glass of wine…or two…Ummm. ..never mind. Anyway…
Hope your holidays were great. Hope the new year has been kind to you and that you kicked your resolutions to the curb and not the other way around.

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