Baby Girl

You will all be happy to know that my toddler has decided to do me the honour of using the potty….WHEN SHE FEELS LIKE IT. I’m a lucky, lucky, mommy! She has started using the word “Actually” (which she got from her sister) and uses it in the right context too. Like, when I say let’s get you of these clothes and into the bath and she says…”Actually, I’m poo’ing right now, mommy!” Of course you are my darling child; the potty is only 3 small steps away from where you’re standing. Why put yourself out? Or “Actually, I don’t like chicken!” But only because she has decided that she wants popcorn for dinner so chicken is no longer her favourite.

She has decided that she wants to take the school bus in the morning with her sister. But she doesn’t understand that the bus won’t take her to daycare and that Diva girl won’t be coming with her. So every morning, though we may get out of the house without a hitch (yeah right!) by the time we leave the ‘bus stop’, I have to convince her not to start rolling on the ground in tantrum mode and somehow get her into the car to drop her at daycare before going to work. I am convinced that my neighbours are laughing at me every day as I find different ways to bribe, plead, cajole and demand that she get into the car. That’s me….Master Negotiator!

Diva Girl

She lost another tooth! Yes…the adult one is already up and waiting to take its rightful place. So, she had another visit from the Tooth Fairy last week. This time her tooth was worth $3 instead of $5. I planned to use the excuse that the first tooth is special, but to my surprise she was happier with this amount, because she got 3 loonies instead of a $5 bill. In her mind, the coins were more valuable than one measly bill. Yup, let’s just go with that for now. Great concept for when allowances become necessary, but I’ll have to fill her in before she starts working!