So…my Diva girl will be seven in a few months. But apparently that is actually 17 in kid years!!! Seriously, I wonder sometimes who this child of mine is. The attitude, the quick come backs, rolling of the eyes and quick temper. The girl gives me one raised eyebrow and the hand on hip pose; then we have the arms folded and the “I’m not your friend” phase. There are the “I just can’t stop crying!” episodes and also the ‘I don’t care’ stare downs (even though she really does!).

Some of you that know me, might try to imply that those are some of my qualities and/or behaviours, and to that I say….

We’re not talking about me right now, okay?

As I was saying, Diva girl is growing so quickly it really is scary sometimes. I sat in her room the other day remembering how it felt to hold her as a newborn and all of the uncertainty that I had as she wriggled around on my chest trying to find her comfort spot; or the love I felt when she grabbed my finger and held on for dear life. We were 2 people with no idea of the direction we needed to take, we just knew we would take it together.

Well, I think I change my mind. Yup, this kid is gonna have to get her own place or something, because one of us is about to lose their mind. Judging by the yelling, crying and tantrums…I think the neighbours would say it’s me!

Last Wednesday: time for school but no one wanted to get up (except when both Diva and Baby girl got up at 3 am and came into my room), so I decided to turn on the radio and get everyone’s juices flowing. They both love music so this is usually a sure way to get the day started. So on goes the radio and I’m dancing and waking everyone up. I start a conga line to the bathroom so they can brush their teeth…

It was a conga line of 1! There is sudden silence…

That cheeky bugger turned off the radio and pulled the blanket over her head! Now that is something that I would have done (and most certainly did) in my teen years. Baby girl was still snoring at this point and I had to shake my head and laugh…

Then I started yelling.

Okay fine, it was a mild raising of the voice to get them moving with loving words of encouragement.

Geez…!  ; )

What’s Happening…

What’s Happening…

Diva girl lost her two front teeth at the top. She got $8.50 (yes I was scrounging for change) and thank goodness she was happy with that.

Baby girl’s last swim class was today and we can all breathe a sigh of relief (until next Spring at least). Of course the last class was the only one where she didn’t cry (actually scream) through the whole thing. Makes sense…

Diva girl has been introduced to the ‘S’ word, the ‘F’ word and the finger…and she’s only in grade 1!

Baby girl has learned the art of manipulation. She’s realized that a few tears and telling her daycare teacher to call her mommy repeatedly will get me there sooner than normal. Throw in a refusal to eat her lunch and its game over. Until I get there and then she smiles as bright as the sun and eats two muffins in one sitting.

‘Me time’ consists of 20 minutes reading time before Baby girl wakes up on Saturday morning at 6:30 am. Something she and her sister refuse to do during the week when I need to get all 3 of us out of the house on time. If I let them they would both sleep until 8:30!

Tantrums, colds, vomit on the stairs, growing pains and attitude with a capital ‘TUDE’!


That was just the month of October!