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5 am

Baby Girl: “Mommy! ”

Me: “Yes.”

Baby Girl: “Can you come here? ”

Me:”Why?” (Did I mention it was 5am?)

Baby Girl:”I’m cold”

Me:”So pull your blanket up over your legs.”

(She likes to kick it off before she falls asleep…and it is Summer after all)

Baby Girl:”But I don’t wanna get up!”

Me:”Neither do I! ”

Yes…this is my life.

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Another One Out!

Attention! Baby Girl lost the other front tooth!  I repeat…the other tooth is out!
Never mind how cute she looks and the fact that she lisps when she talks (Omg…it’s so cute!)
Let’s focus on the financial strain this child is placing on the…um…Tooth  Fairy.
Have you no compassion?
Where’s the nearest ATM?
In case the Tooth Fairy wants to know…of course.

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The Tooth Fairy is Back!

Well…here we go again! Loose teeth everywhere! But now we multiply that by two children who have absolutely no care or concern for the very shallow pockets that the Tooth Fairy may have. I mean of course she may also have a very stylish handbag…she loves  a good handbag…but that doesn’t mean she’s rich! How dare they have more than one shaky tooth at a time! The Diva has three!  What the heck? Then Baby girl just comes along with two loose teeth and they just happen to be her front teeth at the top.  You know that those will bring in a pretty penny. How can she betray me…er…the Tooth Fairy  like that? Well, I gotta go…I’m scanning the classifieds for part-time work. Ahem…not for me of course. Just trying to help out the TF…we gotta stick together! 😉


Almost Back to School

Time really does fly doesn’t it?

I mean with wings and all!

One day it was Baby Girl’s 5th birthday and the next we are in August and I’m going through their closets to determine what is needed for back to school.


Back to the regular routine and rushing the girls every morning to get ready…

Arguing about clothes, breakfast and moving just a little faster.

We’ve had a really good summer, I guess that’s why I’m having a hard time thinking about getting back into the school routine.

Who knows…

Maybe it’ll be me that has to be told to hurry up and eat my breakfast on that first day.

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Conversation with Baby Girl

After an extremely busy Saturday…

Baby Girl: “Mommy, for some reason my body still wants to play but my head says I should relax…”

Mommy: “Sweetie, always listen to your head…it’s where your brain is, so it’s much smarter”

Don’t judge me.

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The Tooth Fairy is back in business ladies and gentlemen!

Baby Girl’s first tooth is out!

We have no idea where it is…but it’s out!


It’s been loose for a week and a half and she’s been waiting very impatiently for it to fall out so that she could get her money from the Tooth Fairy.

Every day I’ve asked her…”So how’s the tooth?” and every day it was still there, hanging on. We’d stare anxiously into the sink every morning and evening as she brushed her teeth, just to make sure it didn’t accidentally fall down the drain.

Her sister reminded her to be careful when she ate.

No luck.

But today, after school I asked her “So is that tooth still hanging on?” and she said “No!” and showed me a big gap! But she had no idea where it went.


Her two little friends thought it was hilarious, they think it fell out when she was eating watermelon this afternoon. Her teacher was mortified because no one said anything to her about it and she fears that Baby Girl may have swallowed it. I was just disappointed because it was her very first one to fall out. Would you believe the Diva almost burst into tears when she found out her baby sister couldn’t find her tooth? I was quite impressed by the emotion. I kind of thought she would have just rolled her eyes!

Baby Girl was just worried that she wouldn’t get any money!

Of course, I assured her that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t leave her hanging like that. We took a picture of the gap and posted a note on Facebook, because…why wouldn’t the Tooth Fairy have a FB account???

But being me, and as organized and together as I always am (stop laughing); I’m up at 3am, because I suddenly remembered that someone forgot to leave the note and money under Baby Girl’s pillow!

Okay fine! That someone is me…I mean the Tooth Fairy…you know what I mean!

By the way, can anyone loan me some money?


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Baby Girl…Growing up

Baby girl will be 5 next month. She wants to do everything her big sister does. She’s been asking for almost a year if her front tooth is wiggly. My answer to her every time is not yet.’s not ready.
Until now…
I came home a few days ago to two very excited children trying to tell me that Bay girl’s tooth was wiggly and that I should come and look at it because “Daddy might try to pull it out”
No way I thought. ..
It’s too soon, she’s not even 5 yet. Diva girl who is almost always in a rush didn’t lose her first tooth until she was at least 5 and 1/2!
Not my baby, who is almost never in a rush.
Why is she rushing now???
But it is indeed a wiggly tooth!
She’s already asking when she can get  money under her pillow!
First her tooth, then her drivers license and then who knows what…marriage???
Ok can someone talk me down please…I’m freaking out!

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My Baby girl is the family princess. There’s nothing new about that.

She is also a ballerina…



And dancer.

She can perform to any song on the radio or TV and she has definitely got great rhythm and timing

She’s also a comedian

Not just the smarty-pants kid with the quick comebacks…

She actually has great comedic timing

I’ve had more than one of her teachers tell me the same thing

Just in case you thought this was just a mom gushing…

But she is also the most shy and at times overly-sensitive kid I know

She will dance her little heart out at her dance class but I’m dreading the recital

She’s excited about her Kindergarten Spring concert at school but I don’t think she realizes she has to be upon stage in front of parents and the rest of the students

Last year she cried at her own birthday party because there was just too much going on

I’m not sure how to get her to the point when she’s not so uncomfortable in public

Especially since I’ve always been the shy kid too

How do I encourage her to be confident when there are days when I still hate walking into a crowded room all by myself?

I guess we’ll have to figure it out together.

Does a 4 ½ year old understand the phrase “Fake it ‘til you make it’?


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School…one for Baby girl and another for the Diva
Dance classes
After school french classes
Swimming lessons
Field trips
Lost mittens
Lost sweaters
Uneaten lunches
Bathtime rush
Bedtime rush
Morning tantrums
Evening tantrums
Cough and cold
Sleepless nights
And more tantrums

It’s a good thing motherhood is so boring…

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The Party’s Over!

Well, the first week of school went quite well…

How could I forget that it wasn’t the first week that’s the problem!

So, the Diva is in grade 2 and in the same school as last year with her friends so not much drama there.

That means the drama had to be with Baby girl of course; and that’s understandable given that she’s starting JK and it’s a whole new world for her.

Her school staggered the starting date for the Kindergarten kids so her first day was on the Thursday. She was fine and quite excited to get ready for school…new dress, new shoes and a new Tinker bell backpack. Couldn’t get any better than that. She was accompanied by a full entourage, as I took the day off, Daddy took the morning off and big sister was being dropped off at school instead of taking the school bus. Now Baby girl is the suffer in silence type of kid and so she endured all of her sister’s advice with a brave face and put on a smile when I asked if she was okay. I managed to maneuver her away from most of the kids that were bawling their eyes out and the one mom who needed a hug. But once we walked her to her class the tears started.

Fast forward to the end of the day, she was happy to see me and she had a great day! Yay! Friday was a great drop off and a great day AGAIN! Two for two!

Well, not sure what happened between Friday and Monday, but that morning she got up and decided that she wasn’t going to school and that I should call her to teacher to let her know that she wouldn’t be coming. She politely closed her bedroom door and lay down on her bed in her school clothes.


This has been the ritual for the past 2 weeks and every day when I pick her up she tells me what a great day she had.

“So I guess there will be no reason for tears tomorrow, right?”

“No Mommy!” she says as she rolls her eyes. Like…why would she cry???

Then the next morning we start again with her not wanting to go to school and crying at the door. We’ve even progressed to hanging on to my jacket and “No Mommy, no!” as the teacher tries to guide her to her classroom. I guess I should take comfort in the fact that she’s not the only one. On Friday, we passed a father who couldn’t get his child out of the car (they live on our street)…and she’s in Grade 2!

Well, I do remember going through this with Diva girl and so I know that this will pass but if you read about a 4 year old trying to make a getaway in her mother’s car…

I’m just sayin.

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