I think its pretty amazing how your perception changes when you become a mother. Things that used to gross me out before are now, if not commonplace, at least not too surprising.

Let’s see… I’ve been puked on more times than I can count. Puke down my shirt after I’ve dressed for work or puke in my hand because the bathroom is too far away and there’s never a pail or even a towel when you really need one. You learn to catch it while you can!

I’ve had snot from a really bad cold sneezed in my face or left on my shoulder because I was more concerned that one of my babies was sick than I was about ‘catching the cooties’!

But the most prestigious badge of honour that any mother could ever receive is the first poo on any part of your body!  I remember when Diva girl was a few weeks old; during one of her diaper changes the stuff came flying right out of her little bum as soon as I removed the diaper. I tell you, it squirted out like water from a water gun and her father went running like a little girl! I looked down at the mess on my jeans and thought ‘Oh well, I’ll just have to change’. Before kids, I would have been running myself. There was the time I had Baby girl lying on a blanket because I couldn’t find the change pad and I figured I would just do a quick change and as I reach for the diaper, I can see the poo slowly oozing out all over the blanket. What the heck can you do? I’ve had it roll across my carpet because a toddler couldn’t wait to show that she could use the potty by herself. Any mom can attest to the big poo right up the back of the diaper that no matter how hard you try gets all over your hands.

Yes, for those who are not parents or involved in childcare on a regular basis, this all sounds pretty gross. But you would be amazed at what a happy occasion a child’s poo can be especially when they’re constipated or very sick. Sometimes a bowl movement (I finally stopped saying ‘poo’!) can be an indication that your child is on the mend. It can be a sign of accomplishment when your little one finally lets the poo go in the potty instead of her diaper. I am admitting to all of you, that I have done the potty dance!  Don’t judge me.

When it’s all said and done, I’m still a girly girl that is easily grossed out by many things. Never thought I’d see the day when I could actually say that a kid’s ‘poo’ isn’t one of them.

Okay, who am I kidding? It’s still pretty gross!




Some days I feel frustrated. Raising two kids and working full time. Trying to make sure my family is happy and secure. It’s not that I don’t want to do these things, but where is my time? When do I get a chance to just unwind and do something that is strictly for me? It seems as if I never have the time to do the things that I want to do; like write more often. Maybe even start a business. Sometimes I’m just too tired at the end of the day, that it just seems better to give in and give up. Between these feelings and then the guilt that follows, I feel unsettled and definitely frustrated.

Then I have a day like today. A beautiful day, not too hot, but just hot enough. Diva girl wakes up, and asks if she can go to church with her nana. Baby girl doesn’t cry when they leave, she just wants to go outside to blow bubbles. It’s 9 am on a Sunday in the middle of summer…why not? We blow bubbles from those dollar store jars of suds and she chases them and counts them…”1, 2, 5, 8!” After 15 minutes, she’s bored and we go back inside so that I can start cooking and she can change her dolly’s diaper. She sings and rocks her dolly to sleep and comes to tell me that she’s making dolly soup. Why not…?

When Diva girl gets home, we have lunch and then we try our best to conquer Angry Birds on the tablet. At five, she is already kicking my behind. The TV is off and the windows and doors are open. The girls are playing and arguing….but what else is new? Then they make up and we dance to a silly beat that they make up using unsharpened pencils as drumsticks.  We read a book, I change diapers and soothe hurt feelings and kiss boo boos.  We laugh, we hang out and my girls jump on me for tickle time.

What the heck is there to be frustrated about anyway?



Diva girl – when she knows she’s pushed my ‘last button’: “Mom, you’re so cute!”

Baby girl – when she finds something funny; she laughs and then: “Oh Gosh!”

Diva girl – “Mommy, when I tell you this joke…laugh okay?”

Diva girl – “Awesome!” and “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Baby girl – “Poppicle” means popsicle; “Yummy tummy” means something tastes good

Baby girl – when it’s time to comb her hair, she points to her sister and tells me it’s her turn

Diva girl – on the topic of more siblings (in my mind I’m screaming Hell No!): “You mean there’s only going to be two of us?!”

Did I mention yet again, that Diva girl is five and Baby girl is two? Okay, just checking.

They both know the chorus of (and I’m not proud): “I’m Sexy and I Know it” Sigh…I finally gave in and have the Little People’s Children’s Songs CD on repeat in my car. Don’t judge me.

When Baby girl is about to do something she’s not supposed to, she looks at me and nods her head; to which I shake my head no, and in response, she nods and laughs and proceeds to go ahead and do exactly what she’s not supposed to!

When I take something away from Baby girl that she shouldn’t be playing with, she’ll say: “No Mama, I Need it!” which usually sounds like “….I NEEN it!” I love toddler language.

Diva girl to her Nana – “Nana, you’re old like a dinosaur!” and just for the record, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the distinction of not being that old!

I’m touched….



Baby girl is not yet two, but she’s growing in leaps and bounds. Her latest accomplishment is jumping. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  Up to this point, she could only bounce vigorously as her big sister leaped through the air and jumped up and down to every song on the radio, but Baby girl’s feet would never leave the ground. She hadn’t quite mastered how to become airborne. Until this week! She is so excited, that every time she jumps she has to look at her feet; which is fine, until she loses her balance. I must say, it is the cutest thing to watch her little, pudgy feet as she tries to become a rabbit or a frog and hops to the music. Now jumping has become her secret weapon. Beware any of you that choose to get in her way. Sitting on the floor is not an option if you don’t want to become a human trampoline as she tries to jump on anything not moving. Watch your toes!



I was just remembering this morning, some of the funny things my 4 year old has said since she learned to talk. Just so you know, she started talking very early and by the time she was two, people were quite surprised at her level of dialogue and some of the words she used. I’d like to take credit for it….so I will! Ha!
When the whole Justin Bieber craze started, my daughter would sing that “Baby, Baby, Baby….oooooh!” song over and over again. When her father would ask her whose song that was, she would respond very proudly “that’s Justin Beaver, Daddy!” Yes that’s right B-E-A-V-E-R! I must say, I was very good at not laughing out loud; especially because she was so earnest about knowing his name. Even when her father tried to correct her, she wouldn’t have it. She would say “read my lips Daddy….Justin BEAVER!” What made it even cuter was the fact that she couldn’t say ‘lips’, the letter “L” was hard for her and it was more like “read my YIPS…” I’m not kidding! Then she would turn to me and say “right Mommy?”
Well you know what I said don’t you?
“That’s right baby, Justin BEAVER! You’re so smart!”