Its My Birthday

Its My Birthday

It’s my birthday.

I’m blessed.

I’m older.

Holy crap…I’m older!

But so blessed.

When the hell did I get this old???

I’m pretty sure I saw a few wrinkles.

Oh geez…I’m closer to fifty than I was yesterday.

I’m very blessed.

It’s my birthday.

Happy birthday to my Diva!

Happy birthday to my Diva!

It was the Diva girl’s birthday this past weekend. Nine years old! Give me strength!
I look at her and I’m in awe at the following realizations:
1. I am the mother of a beautiful, strong and amazing nine year old
2. Time is running out before the teen wars begin
3. We’ve both survived nine years with my limited knowledge of motherhood
4. That damn parenting  manual is never gonna get here

October 2014

October 2014


My birthday…Happy Birthday to Me…I’m old! I mean old-er…ahem!

Thanksgiving (Canada)…no turkey this year…all about the chicken baby! Nobody wanted turkey anyway! That stuff lasts forever…and ever…and ever!

Wedding anniversary…really do love the ‘ole ball and chain’. My heart is still a-flutter

Halloween…weeks of trying to find the outfits that the girls specifically asked for…2 days of convincing Baby girl that we could turn a Watermelon fairy into a fairy/princess…an hour of trick or treating…20 mins of tantrums after the candy high wore off…fun times…yep

Finally accepting the fact that winter will soon be hear…open toed shoes put away and boots ready for duty…haha…I said ‘dooty’…oh boy…I’m tired…obviously!

Now it’s November…hmmm…can’t wait!

Go Mommy, It’s Your Birthday!

Go Mommy, It’s Your Birthday!

It was my birthday this past Wednesday. My husband bought 2 huge slices of cheesecake and put 1 candle in each slice (definitely knows me well). My kids sang Happy Birthday. Then they both chimed in with “Are you 1, are you 2…”

I stopped them at 22 because who really has that kind of time?

So my 7 year old thinks I’m really old at 22.


Well, I’m okay with that.


No Pressure

No Pressure

Birthday parties are always a bit stressful.

Not mine of course! That usually just requires a good glass of wine.

But I digress…

Planning your kids’ parties is what I should say…

When they’re babies and toddlers you worry less about them and more about having enough food for all the friends and relatives you’ve invited. But as they get older and begin to make friends of their own and make request as to what kind of party they want, the stress level begins to rise.

As preschoolers, they’d like to invite the entire class; they want 3 flavours of cake and every game and snack imaginable…

Oh, is that just my kid?

Whatever it is as parents we do our best to make their birthdays special; giving them what they ask for as much as we possibly can. But in the long run, the stress is usually self-inflicted (when they’re young, anyway) because kids are so resilient that they can usually make fun out of anything as long as they’re with their friends.

Ummm….is that just my kid again???

So as I get ready today for my daughter’s 6th birthday party (where did the time go?) and feel the pressure rising, I have one very distinctive thought…

It will soon be over