Sorry for being late on this. Many of you may have already heard that the Peel Regional Council decided to defer the vote to close the Peel run daycares until September of this year, due to lack of information and sufficient time to investigate other options (among other things). The majority of them expressed concern about closing these highly valued centres that are so important to many of the constituents in their specific wards.

Kudos goes out to the parents, teachers and members of the community that reached out to their local councillors and the mayors of both Brampton and Mississauga to express their concerns. Also, thanks to those of you that provided support through Facebook and other social media.

So that means that my daughters’ daycare will remain open until at least the Fall. YAY!

I won’t have to quit my job and stay home with my kids everyday and watch soap operas that I haven’t seen in years while wearing snugly pj’s and cozy socks.

Wait a second….



So…I found out a few days ago that my children’s daycare may be closing. It is one of 12 government run centres in the region of Peel and provides some of the highest quality daycare in the region, so of course it would make sense that a consulting firm would recommend for it to be closed. I mean come on; children only represent the future and need the best care and nurturing possible. How dare we as parents choose to provide that for them to the best of our ability? Sorry, I’m a little upset. We were told by members of some council that if the recommendation is approved that the closures will be in effect September of this year and that 7 months is more than enough time to find alternate child care options. Parents out there….are you laughing??? Anyone who’s had their children on a waiting list for the daycare of their choice for 1 to 2 years, must be rolling on the floor at the hilarity of that suggestion, right? Not only that, but when you choose a centre, I’m sure like me, you had to weed through some places that really didn’t leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. So when you finally find that place that you feel comfortable will take care of your children the right way, you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot! Now, my jackpot is being into….well I don’t like to swear in public.

Their reasoning of course is based on money and they say that closing these 12 centres and displacing at least 800 children and even more teachers will help solve their problems. No other recommendations have been put forward, and I am only one of many parents wondering what we will do if this recommendation is approved. I wonder if any of the councillors that will be voting on the future of children’s well-being are willing to share their nanny with me. I’m thinking not!

These centres are called Learn.Play.Care child care centres and they are located in Mississauga and Brampton. As a parent, if you are even slightly annoyed by what is happening, please feel free to contact the mayor of Mississauga’s office. I’m sure she’d like to hear from you.