Because motherhood will never be a perfect science


Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks for the card and the cupcake

And the Birthday song

I’m so blessed

Happy birthday to me!

Stopping fighting with your sister

No you can’t play video games, it’s a school night

Yes, I know I’m mean

Happy birthday to me

Let me just wash these dishes

Yes, hubby of mine, I’d like your help

But you seem really busy watching that game

Happy birthday to me!

Its bath time, everybody upstairs


Don’t make me start counting!

Happy birthday to me

Yes little girl in the pink tutu, I’m talking to you too


Seriously…I still have to count?

Happy birthday to me!

I will not swear on my birthday

I will not swear on my birthday

At least not out loud.

Happy birthday to me!

Is it bedtime yet?




I Quit

To whom it may concern,

Please take this letter as my official two weeks notice. I hereby resign from my position as mom, mommy,  mama, problem solver, janitor, advisor, wife and keeper of everyone’s sanity.
I will be taking a well deserved month long vacation to recuperate. Please do not offer me a better salary as no amount of money can tempt me to continue to convince, cajole, cry and chastise. I will no longer kiss boo boos, soothe disappointments and referee squabbles. I am through scrubbing up stains,  picking up toys and locating lost items that are really really needed at the last minute. I quit I tell you. I will not succumb to wet kisses, strong hugs, precocious smiles and ‘I love you’. I’m sorry but I am thoroughly immune to all attempts to get me to remain in this position. I will be vacating my present accommodations in a timely manner after I snuggle with two very cute children (aka my daughters). However do not take this for a sign of weakness. I’m really leaving this time. I mean it.

Yours truly,
Tired, fed up mom

P.s. just hold onto this for the next time I pack it in.

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Almost Back to School

Time really does fly doesn’t it?

I mean with wings and all!

One day it was Baby Girl’s 5th birthday and the next we are in August and I’m going through their closets to determine what is needed for back to school.


Back to the regular routine and rushing the girls every morning to get ready…

Arguing about clothes, breakfast and moving just a little faster.

We’ve had a really good summer, I guess that’s why I’m having a hard time thinking about getting back into the school routine.

Who knows…

Maybe it’ll be me that has to be told to hurry up and eat my breakfast on that first day.

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Round One…

One of the teachers at Baby girl’s daycare laughed at me today when I complained about the fighting that went on this morning between my 2 lovely tyrants. She laughed even harder when I explained that I was an only child.

I obviously don’t get the whole sibling rivalry thing. I do have half-sisters but we didn’t grow up together so all of this heated competition; struggle for attention and determination to be better than the other is all foreign to me.

So when I see Diva girl and Baby girl fighting over a pencil when there are 10 other pencils in the pencil case or when they are screaming at each other over who should sit on the left side of the couch when there is also the middle and the right side of the couch not to mention the loveseat…I am completely baffled.

I’m learning to let them work things out, but sometimes I just want to send them both to their rooms so I can have a few moments of peace.

The funny thing is, they fight like crazy but if I try to separate them for too long then I end up being the bad guy because they want to be with each other.


I guess being six and three means they’re still too young to move out?

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Baby girl gave me the countdown the other day…yes, that’s what I said…the countdown.

It was bath time and she wasn’t in the mood to cooperate with Mommy. So she was running around and causing lots of mischief. Now Baby girl knows when she’s pushing the boundaries and she also knows just how darn cute she is so sometimes she tries to use her adorability factor to try to get away with stuff. She will just throw her head back and laugh as she refuses to put on her PJ’s or she’ll give me the big brown puppy dog eyes when I catch her putting her barrettes in her juice.

But I was tired and it was time for the girls to go to bed, plus Diva girl really wanted a story before she went to sleep so I was trying to factor all that in and make sure they still went to bed at a decent hour.


Well Baby girl wasn’t interested. Now, I had 2 choices…


Firm tone with consequences.

Yelling was my first inclination (yeah I know…bad mommy).

I went with the firm tone just so you know. Then I gave her the countdown.

1-2-3-4…..don’t let me get to 5

This usually works quite well, as the girls know that waiting until 5 is not their best option. Privileges and treats are in jeopardy and the threat of time spent in their room looms over them.

Well, she let me get to 5. Yes, she did. So she was put in her room while I helped Diva girl get ready for bed.

Now that the attention was no longer on her, Baby girl proceeded to wail at the top of her lungs (she was laughing in between so don’t feel too bad). Then she decided she wanted me to come help her get dressed after all, to which I said “When you are ready to listen to Mommy, then I will come back in there…”

The child started counting…

Now Diva girl is staring at me in shock and then she burst out laughing. I told her to stop and she said…

“But Mommy, it’s so funny!” and since I was trying not to laugh myself, I told her to try to laugh quietly so Baby girl didn’t hear us.

One…two….’free’….four….DON’T LET ME GET TO FIVE MOMMY!


What’s Happening…

Diva girl lost her two front teeth at the top. She got $8.50 (yes I was scrounging for change) and thank goodness she was happy with that.

Baby girl’s last swim class was today and we can all breathe a sigh of relief (until next Spring at least). Of course the last class was the only one where she didn’t cry (actually scream) through the whole thing. Makes sense…

Diva girl has been introduced to the ‘S’ word, the ‘F’ word and the finger…and she’s only in grade 1!

Baby girl has learned the art of manipulation. She’s realized that a few tears and telling her daycare teacher to call her mommy repeatedly will get me there sooner than normal. Throw in a refusal to eat her lunch and its game over. Until I get there and then she smiles as bright as the sun and eats two muffins in one sitting.

‘Me time’ consists of 20 minutes reading time before Baby girl wakes up on Saturday morning at 6:30 am. Something she and her sister refuse to do during the week when I need to get all 3 of us out of the house on time. If I let them they would both sleep until 8:30!

Tantrums, colds, vomit on the stairs, growing pains and attitude with a capital ‘TUDE’!


That was just the month of October!

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Sometimes I feel like a failure as a mom. I lost my temper with my six year old this evening. She is stubborn and rebellious and has an answer for everything and when she doesn’t get her way she cries. But as I finally said goodnight to her tears came to my eyes as I wondered what I was doing wrong. Why did I feel like I was in battle instead of interacting with my child? She is as beautiful as she is stubborn and as kind as she is rebellious. She is super intelligent and has as many questions as she has answers for everything. She laughs so much and so hard as much as she cries when she doesn’t get her own way.
Some days I feel as if I’m doing everything wrong and then other days I can see in her words or actions the lessons that she is learning. It’s exhausting and tonight is one of those that makes me feel like throwing in the towel. But that feeling won’t last long, especially as I check on her and her sister as they sleep and say a silent prayer of protection and thanks for allowing me to be the mother of these two beings.
I’m exhausted but I’m blessed.
Tomorrow is a new day…whatever messes I made today I hope to clean up tomorrow.

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Seasons Change


Another summer nearly over.

Where does the time go?

Maybe it’s because I’m constantly reminded of how fast my children are growing.

Or how quickly they transition through different stages.

That makes me feel so melancholy when the season changes.

Their speech is clear and precise.

Their logic is often very hard to contradict.

They are independent and rebellious.

Their features are changing and the baby fat is quickly disappearing.

My heart seems to skip a beat whenever I look at them and see these things happening.

Diva girl starts grade one in September and Baby girl has one more year of daycare.

I’m not ready for the changes but it doesn’t matter because they happen anyway.

They say things like “Don’t worry mommy!” and “I’m a super big girl now!”

And I think….’Nope, you’re still my babies!’

But Diva girl told me the other day that if I called her ‘baby’ in public I would “totally embarrass” her.


I’m her mom. Embarrassing her is part of my job.

But as the fall season approaches and the weather gets eventually a little cooler (not too soon please)

I will give them both all the hugs I can get away with…

I’ll just tell them I’m trying to keep them warm

Little white lies….yup, that’s part of my job too….but only when absolutely necessary!


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Yes…we found the little crusty bugger.

I say crusty, because he ended up in a basket full of clean clothes only to be discovered this morning as I got the kids ready for daycare and summer camp. As I was helping Baby girl put on a pair of socks, out he fell of one of them looking like he had a very adventurous time in the dryer. We all looked down at the same time and all I could think to say was….


Poor Baby girl was up on the steps refusing to come down until Diva girl took matters into her own hands.


She picked up that poor dried out sucker and put him in the garbage. Thank God cuz as clean as he was, I still didn’t want to touch it.

Many questions come to mind now that the snail has departed from his earthly realm. Where had he been all this time? What did he see on his adventures? What lessons did he learn about life?

Ummm….never joy ride in a Maytag???

What….too soon?

The Snail saga is now over.

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Okay…I don’t have much time. Baby girl is getting up soon, and I have to get ready for work!

PSSSSST… boss reads this blog!

So anyway, Diva girl will of course not want to get up because she’s tired from her 12 hour job.

Playing non-stop.

What did you think I meant? You know she’s only 6 years old right???

Had a busy weekend, as I’m sure most of you did too.

Baby shower on Saturday as well the kids’ gymnastics.

Birthday party Sunday morning…yes, that’s what I said. Sunday morning gymnastics birthday party for one of the kids in Diva girl’s after-school program. Then it was all about Daddy for Father’s day.


I’m not allowed to complain since I got a really nice lobster dinner (that he made himself) for Mother’s day.

But man…that was a really long time ago and I’m beat!

Oh yeah…next weekend is Baby girl’s birthday and we will be having PRINCESS/SWIM PARTY!

Thank you very much!

Just wanted to let you guys know I’m still around.

Okay, gotta go. My world has just started spinning!

As usual…

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