It’s Christmas

It’s Christmas

Happy Holidays…

Love your family

Enjoy the day

Drink wine

Eat well

Count your blessings

Laugh a lot

Drink wine

Take a nap

Wear loose clothing

Watch corny Christmas shows

Drink wine

Don’t get stressed by minor details

Take quick moments for yourself

Enjoy the day

And don’t forget to DRINK WINE

Boxing Day

Boxing Day

Boxing Day…

The day after all your stress and anxiety have come to fruition.

When you realize you spent too much money for one day and you promise yourself that you won’t  do it again next year.

When you realize how spoiled your kids really are and how blessed you all are.

When you realize you’ve eaten way too much and worked out way too little.

When you admit you’ve had a little too much wine but you aren’t ready to commit to less just yet…because there’s still New Years to come.

When you try to decide if you’ll brave the shopping frenzy or sit at home in an “I’m not doing a thing today” stupor.

When you’re husband takes a 4 hour nap and your kids make you play all of their new board games for 5 hours.

When you look at all the leftovers and think…”What the hell are we gonna do with all this food?”

When the day seems long then all of a sudden it’s time for bed.

The Holidays

The Holidays

I hate wrapping gifts…
I love when my kids wake me up on Christmas morning so we can go down to open them.
I love the look on their faces when they see all of the presents under the tree.

I’m not fond of prepping for Christmas dinner…
I’m a big fan of getting together with family and friends;  eating good food and enjoying each other’s company.
I’m grateful for the laughter, warm hugs and kisses.

I really don’t like getting up early in the morning…
I like staying up late to ring in the New Year with my husband and the kids.
I love watching the girls struggle to stay awake and then fall asleep 15 mins before midnight.
I love kissing them and appreciating the blessing of seeing another year with them and calling my mom to say Happy New Year.

The holidays…



Baby girl wants to be a pink power ranger for Christmas. No, I didn’t say she wants a pink power ranger…I said she wants to be a pink power ranger!

Diva girl has been adding to her list every time she watches a new commercial.

When did Christmas become so complicated?

I remember being a kid and the most difficult part of Christmas was waiting for it to arrive!

Now it’s about finding the right gifts at the right price and hoping that the toy you got is the ‘cool’ one for the season or that the jeans you bought are on the up side of the latest trend…

My kids aren’t even teenagers yet, but they already have a keen sense of what they like and what their friends have…or at least what their friends say they have!

Ugh…I guess now I know what my mother must have gone through. I mean when she shopped for her friends’ kids because I would never be difficult to shop for. Please!!!

But even with all of that; I still love shopping for the kids; trying to pictures their faces when they wake up early on Christmas morning full of excitement to rip open their presents…

I want them to enjoy that part of the holidays! The anticipation, the fun, the family togetherness and laughter. I want to take tons of pictures to show them when they get older. I also want them to appreciate the ‘spirit of giving’ by donating to those who have so much less than they do; so we will be doing that once again this year.

Sigh…even if I have to wrestle a baby doll from Baby girl’s clamp-like grip when she realizes that when the toy goes in the donation box it doesn’t come back to her. I know she’ll figure it out soon. : )

In the meantime, I’m on the hunt for a pink power ranger outfit…

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone!

Hopefully you haven’t spent too much money on senseless gifts for your little ones. This season should be about quality time spent with your family.

Blah, blah, blah…

Yes, I have spent too much money on senseless gifts! It’s what I do!

But at the same time, I made sure that the girls gave back by donating both clothes and toys to different charitable organizations and I am trying to make sure that Diva girl has a good understanding of how lucky we are and that there are little girls and boys out there who may not have the same holiday experience that she will have. So what if I had to pry a plush Dora doll out of Baby girl’s pudgy little fingers. She had a hard time understanding why on earth we would put a pretty good toy in a big cardboard box instead of bringing it home.

She’s two. I can see it from her perspective.

But seriously, I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season where you eat a little too much and sleep a little too long. Where gifts are given and received with love and appreciation and family time does not descend into chaos and conflict. Hugs are offered freely and kisses are given with sweetness. Turkey and stuffing and wine and good cheer are all a part of the days to come…

Or you could just sit on the couch watching a movie and eating Chinese food.