Hey! Just got word that for some reason my last blog post isn’t accessible! Thank you to ramblingsfromamum for letting me know! So I’m going to try it again…bare with me since I haven’t had coffee yet!

Here we gooo…….

I hate this time of year, when cold and flu season is upon us. No matter how much you try to safeguard your children with healthy foods and vitamins, dressing as warm as possible and making sure they wash their hands. It is almost inevitable that they will pick up some kind of bug before winter is over. But when they do, you try your best to comfort them and ease their misery.

When Baby girl wakes up at 3am coughing and comes into my room for hugs, I make room on the bed; make sure tissues are within reach and rub her down with vapor rub or one of my mother’s famous concoctions that promises to cure whatever ails you.

As you sleep with one ear and one eye open all night to make sure they’re breathing alright and rub their back as they gulp in a congested breath; you think to yourself; please let them get better soon and…

I better stock up on my vitamin C!



So I’m just getting over a very exhausting cold or flu or whatever it was that hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m not trying to place blame or anything but…Baby girl has a runny nose that every so often reveals a ‘special’ surprise when she sneezes. It’s the kind of stuff that only toddlers can produce in such shall we say ‘volume’??? Tissues cannot keep up with that stuff! Just try not to be in the line of fire…you know what I mean? Diva girl is running around with a hacking cough that doesn’t slow her down when it comes to play time, but does keep her from wanting to go to school, eat her vegetables or have a bath. Hmmm…very interesting.

Is it just me or do mothers always seem to get sick twice as bad as the rest of the family? As soon as I saw the first sign of illness coming my way in the form of a diaper wearing bundle of joy, I started popping those vitamin C’s like popcorn! But to no avail! They got me!

I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy or anything…..but all those hugs and kisses are a little suspect, don’t you think?

I’m just saying….