Have you ever watched your children play when they don’t realize you’re watching?

They are so full of spirit and joy. They are unburdened with the pressures of everyday life and their hope knows no bounds. Their imaginations take them to places we can only wish to visit and fear is not an option.

Last night, as I got the girls ready for bed, I’d gone downstairs to warm some milk for Baby girl. I came back upstairs without her knowledge and there she was in her room dancing her little heart out, singing a quiet tune to herself. She was so into it, she didn’t even notice me. Out came her air guitar or the ‘rock-tar’ as she would call it, and she wailed away on that thing.

I just thought to myself, Wow…when was the last time I danced like no one was watching?

As we get older, we become so self-conscious. We forget how to let go of our inhibitions and just have fun for a few moments and even when we do succeed in letting go, we tend to feel foolish or embarrassed. Why?

I love dancing with my girls. Diva girl is the hip-hop, break-dancing dynamo and Baby girl is the tutu-wearing, forever–twirling, ballerina/princess. They have so much fun. They just laugh and enjoy the silliness of the moment and it’s almost always me that ends the merriment when I have to get back to doing the things we do as parents and adults, like cleaning, cooking, or whatever.  But those moments when I am able to truly let go with my kids and have fun and more importantly watch them having fun are some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful times in my world.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to make A LOT more time to dance with my daughters. Just be silly, happy and crazy and…