Baby Girl’s birthday 

Baby Girl’s birthday 

Another birthday has come and gone. Baby girl is now seven years old. Say what now?I guess I really shouldn’t be calling her ‘baby’ but I don’t care…she’s still my little one. I have no more toddlers following me around the house, hugging me with sticky fingers and giving me wet kisses. I look at her and see a blend of the young lady she is becoming and the toddler she once was. Sharp wit in a child that still wants uppies in the morning. She’s a momma’s girl and I’m Ok with that. I’m not ready to let go. I’m still allowed to kiss her in public for goodness sake. I’ve got to milk this thing for all its worth! 

My Big Girl

My Big Girl

Diva girl woke up last Saturday and walked into the kitchen with a very intense vibe. 

“Mommy, can I tell you something? ”

Oh good Lord…what is it? But my panic attack was all silent as I waited with outward calm.

“My tooth came out while I was brushing my teeth and when I was rinsing it off it fell down the drain.”

Ummm…that’s it???

But the look on her face told me I needed to be more sensitive. Putting my arms around her, I gave her a small hug and asked if she was upset by it and did we need to leave a note for the Tooth Fairy. Now this is a child who no longer truly believes in the Tooth Fairy and is pretty confident that mommy and daddy are leaving her the money. Which is fine with me but I did remind her when she confronted me with her conclusions that if she no longer believed, then she had no reason to get money under her pillow anymore. So of course she is willing to look the other way for a little ‘hush’ money.

So that morning she gave me a big squeeze and a sad face and said yes she wanted to leave a note regarding her wandering  tooth.

Sigh…Dear Tooth Fairy…yada yada yada and all that stuff. Please leave the cash and we owe you a tooth.

You know…that Tooth Fairy is such a sucker.

Raising Girls

Raising Girls

I don’t think it really hit me until maybe a year ago just how much trouble I’m in trying to raise 2 girls. The hubby and I joke about the estrogen levels in the house but I am now starting to feel the storm building. Diva girl is nearly 8 1/2  years old and the moodiness has started in earnest. We have arrived at the stage of crying for the tiniest infraction and getting angry for no reason. It is not pretty and it’s only just begun. Baby girl is starting to assert herself against her big sister’s dominance and she will get “all up in her face” when she needs to. So we’re talking a lot of yelling, arguing, screaming and sometimes a punch thrown in the mix.
What the hell?
Have I mentioned that I was an only child?! I am feeling out of my depth.
Add that to the pre-teen meltdowns that can happen without any warning and we’re talking chaos.
The only freakin meltdowns in this family should be mine!
These girls have no consideration for my needs…sigh.
My friends with boys only always listen with a sympathetic ear…but I know they’re thanking their lucky stars.
I now know what that smug smile my mother wears is really all about.
Dear Karma…I thought we were friends!

Moody Moody Moody

Moody Moody Moody

Does anyone have a very moody seven and a half year old? I’m talking cranky, pouty, and leaking tears kind of kid!
My Diva has suddenly lost her mind!
I didn’t think I’d have to deal with this stuff for at least another 2 to 3 years.
What the heck?!
Doesn’t she know there’s only room for one moody female in this house?
I totally claimed that right and she cannot overthrow the queen.
At least not yet.
I can see it clearly now…
Three females plus one house equals daddy making a run for it!
Two girls eventually entering into puberty and a mom  entering into menopause in the not so distant future…?
Hmmm…I might make a run for it long before he does!



Does anyone else have a five and half year old daughter who you are almost certain is older than you first thought? I mean seriously…the girl has got to be a pre-teen in some alternate universe! When you have to endure pouting, folded arms, stomping, crying and the constant rendition of “that’s not fair!” almost every morning, it’s easy to accept one thing….

The child is crazy!

Okay, fine. But if she’s not, she’s about to make me crazy! I yell, I don’t yell. I bribe, threaten and cajole my way through every morning just trying to get us all ready for school, daycare and work and I tell you, every day is a new challenge. I’ve given her the ‘look’ so many times that the child just stops and LOOKS RIGHT BACK!

Oh yes she does!

She challenges me at every turn. She talks back right up to the point when she can see the steam rising from my ears and then she changes tactics and gives me the biggest hug. Just when I’m ready to pack her bags and send her over to her beloved Nana’s house until she’s 21, she’ll turn around and tell me she loves me.

Ooooh….that just makes me crazy!!!


When she’s feeling especially stubborn, she won’t move until I am beyond angry and then she’ll run to avoid the chaos that is her mother after reaching my boiling point. Then she cries like her heart is breaking because I have chastised and disciplined her for her behaviour.

Ugh…I’m a monster.

But on the occasions when Diva girl is being my happy, go-lucky daughter, she will help me with her little sister. She puts on her boots and zips up her coat. She will speak sternly to Baby girl, if she isn’t cooperating and it’s cute and comforting to see. She’s bossy and sweet all at once, even when her sister doesn’t like it.

Peace and tranquility…

Then they start fighting and pushing and yelling and crying and then here comes “that’s not fair!”

Oooohhhh….it makes me so crazy!



To all you moms out there, I have a question…

Aren’t your kids the CUTEST IN THE WORLD???

Seriously, whose child is not the cutest, smartest, sweetest child they’ve ever seen? When you look at your sons and daughters, don’t you see the brilliance that is and is yet to be? I mean come on…when Baby girl remembers the lyrics of ‘Mr. Sun’ or ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’, I think, this girl is a genius! When Diva girl choreographs a new dance routine that has her twirling, jumping and spinning like a top, I say, that girl is the best dancer in the world!

Never mind the fact that Diva girl has decided to become a professional skateboarder.

Sigh….she will be the best skateboarder IN THE WORLD!!!

What do you see when you look at your little ones? Ballerina, scientist, engineer, actor or teacher?

Let me know…