Today I took Baby girl to daycare as usual. Every day we put her hat and back pack in her cubby along with one of her many pairs of super cute sunglasses; then she decides if she wants to change her shoes and of course that is her prerogative. I mean she’s only been wearing the one pair for the 5 minute drive to daycare, how could she possibly wear them any longer than that? Once these very important decisions have been made, she gets ‘uppies’ so we can have extra hugs and kisses before she goes to class. When she’s feeling very grown up, she holds my hand instead (no ‘uppies’ required) but I still get lots of hugs and kisses before she joins her group.


Today was much the same and she decided she wanted ‘uppies’, however, when I started giving her all of her kisses as I walked her into the class, she informed me with the sweetest smile ever that kisses were now for outside…

Yes, you heard me

“No kisses Mommy”

“Did you just say NO kisses?”

Outside only”

It’s happening…!

My baby is growing up…so what if she had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck as I (being her personal taxi) carried her into the room. It’s the kisses that are the first to go…sniff! She’s my little snuggly one, who cuddles when Diva girl is too cool for cuddles.

Where did the time go???


Mind you, I still have a bit of time I think. She still wants me to wipe her bum after a big poo.

Sigh again…how lucky am I?




What do you do when your child is under attack by another child?

Okay, so attack is a strong word…

But really, when you are teaching your child to respect others and follow the rules and then they come home to tell you that there is a child that picks on them or hits them or is mean to them on almost a daily or weekly basis….WHAT DO YOU DO?

When I was a kid, the choices were simple. My mother would be in the principal’s office before the morning bell rang the very next day. The principal would get an earful about not protecting her daughter, and the teacher would be drilled to the ‘Nth’ degree as to why she would let something like that happen. Then I would be required to take her down the hall or into the playground to show her the culprit and she would give them THE LOOK and that was the extra strength edition that meant “You crossed the line, kid!”

Oh yeah….my mom was that mom!

Diva girl has had run-ins with other kids since her days in daycare which is normal of course, as these little ones start to learn about respecting personal space, sharing and ‘using their words’ to express their feelings. Every incident is upsetting to her and always tugs at my heart. Now that she’s older and in school, it makes me angry and concerned when I hear that another child has hit her or bothered her in some way. Her father and I have both talked to her about choosing kids who play nicely as her friends and speaking up for herself and telling the teacher when she is feeling ‘bullied’.

The thing with my kid is….everyone wants to be her friend!

The Good, the Bad and the Bully!!!!!  (Thought I was gonna say something else, huh?)

Diva girl has always been a part of the group. Her group has always consisted of mostly boys and maybe one or two other girls. But she has always played hard and fast in the playground. The running joke in her daycare was that she needed her own incident report journal because there was never a week (and sometimes day) where myself or her father didn’t have to initial the page that detailed the accident she had while she was outside. When I’d ask her what happened, it usually started out with “I was running and…”

So she’s always played with lots of boys and they love playing with her because she can run as fast as they can and she is not afraid to climb, jump or roll as high or hard.

Sigh…doesn’t help the laundry situation, let me tell ya!

But being part of this group also leaves her a target to some aggressive behaviour and tough as she may sound, she is a very kind person and she’s not a fighter…AT ALL.  She can talk back like nobody’s business and she will not back down from an argument, but she also has not grasped the concept of defending herself from kids that forget to ‘keep their hands to themselves’. In daycare and school she has been taught to work through conflict with words and peaceful alternatives. Okay, I get that…and as her parents, we have always taught her to respect others.

But I’m her mom and when some kid walks up to her and punches her in the stomach or tries to bite  her….????

Ummm…..a hug or a high five isn’t really what’s crossed my mind.

Know what I mean?






So, here I am trying to be conscious of what I feed my kids as well as what I put on their skin. Baby girl has had eczema since birth and I just found out a month ago that Diva girl has apparently developed a mild case. Geez! So, because of this I have been searching for an affordable but natural sunscreen. I say affordable, because when you have 2 kids in 2 different daycare rooms, you need 2 tubes of sunscreen and at $20 -$30 a tube, the natural stuff can really drain your wallet.

I’m just sayin…

I did my research and found a few brands that sounded great. The first problem was finding a retailer and not having to order online. Which I don’t normally mind, but I was under a time crunch since it is required as soon as it starts to get warm (for daycare, I mean). Imagine my surprise when I walked into my local HomeSense and found a natural brand for less than $10! Unfortunately, there was only 1 bottle left, but anyone who has shopped in HomeSense or Winners, knows that when you find something, you better get it right away, because it won’t be there for long. So I bought it! How proud of myself, I was to know that I had procured at least one bottle of a natural sunscreen for the girls! Heiko Sunscreen for Kids (reg. $30 online)! I marched into that daycare feeling very GREEN. Baby girl would not only be protected from the damage the sun could do to her skin, but also from the evil chemicals that the other companies layered into their products! I AM MOTHER, HEAR ME ROAR!

Can someone tell me why my child came home looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost?!

There was a layer of white cream dried into a halo shape around the perimeter of her face and both arms were caked with this natural sunscreen. Why? Why? Why? I asked the teachers. Well, because the darn thing doesn’t rub in, of course! Duh! Apparently when you remove all the garbage that comes in some of the other brands it no longer absorbs into your skin.

Now, I must admit…the first time I saw her, I laughed my head off. She looked as if she’d dunked her head into a bowl of baking flour! Okay, stop laughing! This is my kid we’re talking about here! Yes, I’m smiling, but I’m her mother!!!

Well, luckily the sunscreen I found for Diva girl (couldn’t find any more of the Heiko) was Alba Botanica for Kids and it apparently is a good natural choice too. So far it has rubbed in well and now I’m on the hunt to find another tube, since I did only pay $9!

During my search I have discovered other natural brands, so I’m learning a lot. The Alba Botanica allows the girls to retain their natural complexion, so I think I’ll stick with it for now. If anyone knows of anything that may be better then I will gladly try it out. Let me know!  As long as it doesn’t require my kids to say “BOO!” then I’m happy!



Sorry for being late on this. Many of you may have already heard that the Peel Regional Council decided to defer the vote to close the Peel run daycares until September of this year, due to lack of information and sufficient time to investigate other options (among other things). The majority of them expressed concern about closing these highly valued centres that are so important to many of the constituents in their specific wards.

Kudos goes out to the parents, teachers and members of the community that reached out to their local councillors and the mayors of both Brampton and Mississauga to express their concerns. Also, thanks to those of you that provided support through Facebook and other social media.

So that means that my daughters’ daycare will remain open until at least the Fall. YAY!

I won’t have to quit my job and stay home with my kids everyday and watch soap operas that I haven’t seen in years while wearing snugly pj’s and cozy socks.

Wait a second….



So…I found out a few days ago that my children’s daycare may be closing. It is one of 12 government run centres in the region of Peel and provides some of the highest quality daycare in the region, so of course it would make sense that a consulting firm would recommend for it to be closed. I mean come on; children only represent the future and need the best care and nurturing possible. How dare we as parents choose to provide that for them to the best of our ability? Sorry, I’m a little upset. We were told by members of some council that if the recommendation is approved that the closures will be in effect September of this year and that 7 months is more than enough time to find alternate child care options. Parents out there….are you laughing??? Anyone who’s had their children on a waiting list for the daycare of their choice for 1 to 2 years, must be rolling on the floor at the hilarity of that suggestion, right? Not only that, but when you choose a centre, I’m sure like me, you had to weed through some places that really didn’t leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. So when you finally find that place that you feel comfortable will take care of your children the right way, you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot! Now, my jackpot is being into….well I don’t like to swear in public.

Their reasoning of course is based on money and they say that closing these 12 centres and displacing at least 800 children and even more teachers will help solve their problems. No other recommendations have been put forward, and I am only one of many parents wondering what we will do if this recommendation is approved. I wonder if any of the councillors that will be voting on the future of children’s well-being are willing to share their nanny with me. I’m thinking not!

These centres are called Learn.Play.Care child care centres and they are located in Mississauga and Brampton. As a parent, if you are even slightly annoyed by what is happening, please feel free to contact the mayor of Mississauga’s office. I’m sure she’d like to hear from you.–peel-region-to-vote-on-daycare-closures