My Friday

My Friday

When both of my kids are on the phone…

MY phone.

Baby girl talking to one of her friends from her old school, playing Prodigy.

Diva girl talking on the landline to her cousin as they play fortnite.

…I’ve come to the realization that this is my Friday.

But I’m the only one old enough to drink so there…



School…one for Baby girl and another for the Diva
Dance classes
After school french classes
Swimming lessons
Field trips
Lost mittens
Lost sweaters
Uneaten lunches
Bathtime rush
Bedtime rush
Morning tantrums
Evening tantrums
Cough and cold
Sleepless nights
And more tantrums

It’s a good thing motherhood is so boring…



Diva girl – when she knows she’s pushed my ‘last button’: “Mom, you’re so cute!”

Baby girl – when she finds something funny; she laughs and then: “Oh Gosh!”

Diva girl – “Mommy, when I tell you this joke…laugh okay?”

Diva girl – “Awesome!” and “That’s what I’m talking about!”

Baby girl – “Poppicle” means popsicle; “Yummy tummy” means something tastes good

Baby girl – when it’s time to comb her hair, she points to her sister and tells me it’s her turn

Diva girl – on the topic of more siblings (in my mind I’m screaming Hell No!): “You mean there’s only going to be two of us?!”

Did I mention yet again, that Diva girl is five and Baby girl is two? Okay, just checking.

They both know the chorus of (and I’m not proud): “I’m Sexy and I Know it” Sigh…I finally gave in and have the Little People’s Children’s Songs CD on repeat in my car. Don’t judge me.

When Baby girl is about to do something she’s not supposed to, she looks at me and nods her head; to which I shake my head no, and in response, she nods and laughs and proceeds to go ahead and do exactly what she’s not supposed to!

When I take something away from Baby girl that she shouldn’t be playing with, she’ll say: “No Mama, I Need it!” which usually sounds like “….I NEEN it!” I love toddler language.

Diva girl to her Nana – “Nana, you’re old like a dinosaur!” and just for the record, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the distinction of not being that old!

I’m touched….