The Tooth Fairy is back in business ladies and gentlemen!

Baby Girl’s first tooth is out!

We have no idea where it is…but it’s out!


It’s been loose for a week and a half and she’s been waiting very impatiently for it to fall out so that she could get her money from the Tooth Fairy.

Every day I’ve asked her…”So how’s the tooth?” and every day it was still there, hanging on. We’d stare anxiously into the sink every morning and evening as she brushed her teeth, just to make sure it didn’t accidentally fall down the drain.

Her sister reminded her to be careful when she ate.

No luck.

But today, after school I asked her “So is that tooth still hanging on?” and she said “No!” and showed me a big gap! But she had no idea where it went.


Her two little friends thought it was hilarious, they think it fell out when she was eating watermelon this afternoon. Her teacher was mortified because no one said anything to her about it and she fears that Baby Girl may have swallowed it. I was just disappointed because it was her very first one to fall out. Would you believe the Diva almost burst into tears when she found out her baby sister couldn’t find her tooth? I was quite impressed by the emotion. I kind of thought she would have just rolled her eyes!

Baby Girl was just worried that she wouldn’t get any money!

Of course, I assured her that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t leave her hanging like that. We took a picture of the gap and posted a note on Facebook, because…why wouldn’t the Tooth Fairy have a FB account???

But being me, and as organized and together as I always am (stop laughing); I’m up at 3am, because I suddenly remembered that someone forgot to leave the note and money under Baby Girl’s pillow!

Okay fine! That someone is me…I mean the Tooth Fairy…you know what I mean!

By the way, can anyone loan me some money?




Have you ever tried to get a five year old to eat? Sigh…

Anyone would think I was trying to torture my child! I can’t believe this is the same girl who as a baby could eat anything you put in front of her. Let me take this moment to mention that she was sooo chunky! She was so cute you just wanted to squeeze her!

As I was saying…

We actually would have to wrestle the chicken drumstick from her pudgy little fingers as she ate every last morsel of the bone and attempted to devour the bone itself. She was only two at the time!

Oh, but now she is a sophisticated five year old with discerning tastes, that can take one look at her dinner plate and know through some children’s intuition that everything on her plate is “disgusting”.

I have been reduced to the typical “Do you know how many children are starving in the world?!”

Yup…I said it.

She just looked at me like I was crazy. I’m starting to think I am anyway…only crazy people try to reason with their children!

My mother thinks it’s some kind of Karma. When I was her age I refused to eat too. When my mother used the “starving children in Africa…” line on me…I told her she could mail my dinner to them since I didn’t want it.

Yup…I said it.

See how the ‘wheel of life’ turns???



Is it just me or do 5 year old girls lose their minds and think that they are older and smarter than their moms?

It’s me isn’t it?

No other mother could have a daughter at the age of 5 who rolls her eyes when I scold her or practically snaps her neck when she responds to something she doesn’t like.

No other mother could have a daughter at the age of 5 who tries to use emotional blackmail, i.e. pouting lower lip, big puppy dog eyes and huge tears to get out of being disciplined or using that “You love my sister more than you love me!” line.

You know how your parents always had those famous lines that they would use over and over as you were growing up to put you in your place? You know… like Bill Cosby on The Cosby Show when he used to say “I brought you into this world…and I can take you out”?

Well, I realize that I’ve been establishing one of my own as my FIVE YEAR OLD daughter tries to manipulate me into getting what she wants: “You may be slick, but you’re not slicker than me….yet!”

Her response to this is the big, brown puppy dog look while she tries not to laugh.

Sigh…did I mention she was FIVE?



I don’t know about anyone else but I AM TIRED!

Raising kids is tiring. It takes more energy than I think anyone without children can really appreciate. It’s not only about the diaper changes and sleepless nights. There is also the emotional support and the quality time that children need and parents do their best to give. Did I mention the doctor’s and dentist appointments, as well as recitals and parent/teacher meetings and homework. Don’t forget the swimming lessons, soccer practice and birthday parties.

Why does my five year old have a more active social life than I do?

Maybe because I’m too tired to do anything after my kids have finally gone to bed.

Would I change it if I could? NO WAY!

Mind you….I am half asleep right now. I probably don’t even know what I’m saying…