Because motherhood will never be a perfect science


Hey! Just got word that for some reason my last blog post isn’t accessible! Thank you to ramblingsfromamum for letting me know! So I’m going to try it again…bare with me since I haven’t had coffee yet!

Here we gooo…….

I hate this time of year, when cold and flu season is upon us. No matter how much you try to safeguard your children with healthy foods and vitamins, dressing as warm as possible and making sure they wash their hands. It is almost inevitable that they will pick up some kind of bug before winter is over. But when they do, you try your best to comfort them and ease their misery.

When Baby girl wakes up at 3am coughing and comes into my room for hugs, I make room on the bed; make sure tissues are within reach and rub her down with vapor rub or one of my mother’s famous concoctions that promises to cure whatever ails you.

As you sleep with one ear and one eye open all night to make sure they’re breathing alright and rub their back as they gulp in a congested breath; you think to yourself; please let them get better soon and…

I better stock up on my vitamin C!



Soooo….tomorrow is the second week of school and I am NOT meeting Diva girl at school when she gets off the bus. I AM NOT MEETING HER. I AM NOT MEETING HER.

Okay, if I say it enough times, it should sink in by the morning and I should be fine. Sigh.

Ugh…this mom thing is hard. There is no book in the world that can prepare you for the worry, the “what ifs”, the heart stopping fear and the unending flow of tears that become a permanent part of your world once you become a mom. Can you imagine if someone passed you a manual in your early twenties that told you in great detail how you would become this mushy, emotional ball of nerves at the merest thought of anything slightly negative happening to your child? How your world stops when they are hurt or sick; or how the feeling of relief at their well-being can reduce you into a pool of water?

All you’ll ever hear is that motherhood isn’t easy.

But it is rewarding. Aside from the worrying, there is the laughter and the hugs and the wet kisses. There are the “I love you Mommy” times and the “snuggle up” times. There is the pride in their accomplishments and their growth and development. When they look back at you with a thumbs up to say they’re okay and the smiles when they’ve finally tied their own shoelace or zipped up their jacket. There is the ultimate joy of learning to ride a bike or jumping rope, when they say “Mommy, I did it!”

Ugh…isn’t this mom thing great?



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