Haven’t blogged in a while. Life just happens and sometimes when you finally take a moment, you realize how much time has passed. Many times we’re so busy worrying, planning, parenting and trying to be a responsible adult, that we literally “live our lives away”.

Forgetting to take a breath and do something that we enjoy. It’s easy to preach self-care, but not always easy to do. At least not as often as we really should.


Words of Appreciation

“Mommy, you’re my best friend!”

The words of Baby girl at two and a half years of age, along with a great big hug.

It was one of those little things that just made my day.

You know how you just need a little pick me up and your children just happen to have impeccable timing in that precise moment?

I’m not sure how they know, but they just do and it makes everything else seem so unimportant. You’re no longer that tired or that angry or that frustrated. Life isn’t so unfair and your job isn’t that unpleasant.

You feel as if you are actually appreciated for the things that you do and without you having to point out ALL of the things that you do.

My daughter just happened to really give me the boost that I needed.

Wait a second….

She did just happen to finish using the potty after having a poo and who was wiping her bum?


Never mind, I’ll take it!



I’ve been really delinquent in blogging lately. I guess life just caught up to me. You know how it is…work; pick up the kids; dinners; doctor’s appointments and on and on and on. But I realized today, that I am failing in my duty to report the antics of my beautiful but wayward kids and that someone out there may truly be suffering due to the lack of knowledge of the mischief my girls bestow upon me on a daily basis.


I try to instil values in my girls. Diva girl knows how to make her bed, even though she doesn’t always make it. Baby girl knows to put her plate and cup in the kitchen after dinner and to clean up her toys. Never mind the fact that most of the leftover food from her plate ends up on the floor or cleaning up consists of flinging her toys across the living room to get them where they need to go.

So helpful…

I know it will thrill you all to know that Baby girl is so intent on helping Mommy that the other day she decided to help me polish the living room floor.


Have you ever tried to clean a whole jar of Vaseline off your hardwood floor? Oh what fun it is! The fact that she was smiling gleefully as she patted down the white gooey mess….obviously to get it just right, only added great, great and I mean great insult to injury! She could barely stand as she was covered from head to toe, but boy was she HAPPY!

Sigh…isn’t that what’s most important?