Happy Mother’s Day!

May your day be filled with love and appreciation from your family…

At least until after breakfast!

Have a day filled with the realization from those you care for each day of how much you love them…

Before they forget how hard you work!

May you be blessed with a peaceful and relaxing day filled with pampering…

Until someone can’t find their favourite jeans or a clean pair of socks!

And finally, here’s to hoping all the ‘thank you’s’ and hugs and kisses last for a lot longer than just one day!

What is…

What is…

Ultimate cuteness is: my 4 year old is explaining the rules of her make believe game and then saying “It’s COMP-EE-LATED” (complicated).
Shake my head moment is: my 7 year old telling her dad that he’s “really rockin’ those jeans!”
Exhaustion is: 2 sick kids and both crying for mommy.
Absolute love is: that first hug in the morning when they’re still half asleep.



Is it weird that I still have moments of “Wow, I’m a Mom!”?

When I look at my kids playing and discovering new things, I’m full of fascination and tears; happy ones of course; melancholy ones too, because I see how fast time passes. Diva girl thinks she’s more sophisticated than her 5 years and Baby girl tries to do everything her big sister does. They dance and laugh; they sing and pretend; they argue and defy all the while growing and learning and loving each other.

I pretend to be stern at times when a smile threatens to spread over my face. I watch them silently and openly as they tear the house apart; fight like cat and dog then kiss and hug and become friends again.

I remember when I wondered if I’d ever have kids. Now, I can’t even believe that they were never here!

They give me joy, they give me reason to worry, they make me crazy and then I start yelling.

But at the end of the day, we pray, we hug, we kiss and when they finally fall asleep….

I say to myself “Wow! These are my babies….I’m a Mom!”