It’s March Break here in Ontario and Diva girl gets to spend the entire week with Nana. Baby girl is still in daycare but Nana and her sister pick her up early this week so that she gets some time with Nana too.

That’s only fair.

Of course, I am happy to not have to shell out any extra money for camps or classes to keep Diva girl busy.

YAY for Nana!

They asked if they could have a sleep over at Nana’s and I had absolutely no problem with that!

I mean really? Some ‘me’ time without fighting, noise, crying and chaos?

What’s not to love?

So why am I puttering around the house finding reasons to go into their rooms to straighten up and calling them to find out why no one’s called me in the last 2 hours to say ‘hi’?

Is it possible that I miss my babies? The noise, the chaos, the yelling and the mess?

I think I actually do…


SHHHHH……don’t tell anyone!




“I’m too tired!”

“I don’t want to!”

“That’s not fair!”

These are the words that have become part of my morning routine. Diva girl is definitely NOT a morning person, and I am definitely NOT a happy mommy! Not only does it disrupt the morning schedule that I have tried to create, but this rebellious stage is exhausting and makes my throat very dry….yelling every morning will do that to you, you know.

To make matters worse, Baby girl is a parrot of her older sister’s actions and so now we have ‘Mini Me’ telling me that it’s ‘not fair’ when she doesn’t get to watch Dora at 8:30 in the morning and hanging her head, pouting her lip and crossing her arms when she doesn’t get her way. All the things she says are words and expressions learned from her big sister. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually quite cute to hear her try to pronounce all the words, but not so cute when I gotta get one on the school bus in less than 5 minutes and one in the car to get to daycare.

Funny, how quickly they move when they know they’re going to Nana’s house.

I’ve been told to try the reward system. I’m probably going to use stickers. Don’t worry, I promise not to use them to temporarily stick their mouths closed or anything like that.

That’s just wrong.

But if you see a kid with one stuck firmly to her forehead one day, you know I was at my wit’s end.



The girls are with Nana this weekend.

Listen….can you hear the quiet?

Love my girls, but let’s be real. Every so often you need a little solitude. Time to catch your breath; to organize your thoughts and CLEAN THE HOUSE.

I mean that deep, check every nook and cranny cleaning that is hard to do sometimes when young kids are running around. So here I am, alone with a mug of coffee and Coronation Street on the TV. I am going to get to the cleaning of course. but I won’ t lie, Sunday mornings on my own are few and far between.

So I may not jump on it, right away.



Grandparents are a blessing. They are there for emergency babysitting, they provide comfort, advice (lots of advice!) and much needed support.

Children are very smart and know exactly how to play their grandparents to get the attention they crave.

Wait…this doesn’t only apply to my children, does it?

My oldest has always had a very close relationship with my mother. At times I’ve almost felt like I was competing with my mother to raise my child the way I saw fit. Is that crazy? Don’t get me wrong, my mom is the best! She’s there whenever I need her and she’ll drop anything or anyone to come when I call. But grandchildren make your parents lose their mind!!!

Wait…this doesn’t only apply to my parents, does it?

Oh come on people…don’t leave me hanging!

There are things that I could never get away with when I was a child that my mother finds so cute in my children now. My mother’s famous tag line is “Life’s too short….!”  Ha! If I did or said half the things that my kids do now when I was a kid, I would have gotten a look that could freeze the Sahara! But my kids know that all they have to do is squeeze out a few tears and make enough noise to make their grandmother say “Okay, okay, here you go…don’t cry!” Ugh!

What’s worse is that my oldest will hide behind her grandmother when she knows she’s misbehaving and make a face that says “Ha, ha, you can’t get me!”

But she’s only five….it doesn’t occur to her that Nana has to go home sometimes……

(Insert evil laugh here)