We’ve been without reliable internet connection for a while, so I’ve been unable to do a lot of things on my laptop. I realize that I am too lazy and uninterested in blogging on my smartphone or doing anything else aside from occasionally checking my Twitter account or reading emails and sending text messages. I feel so old!

I downloaded Dropbox on my phone and still have yet to complete the download on my computer.

Sigh…by the time I get a moment to myself to do these things, I can think of at least 10 other things to do!

Yet my six and three year olds know how to manipulate the tablet flawlessly and can change the settings on my phone without a second thought. I’ve found countless random pictures in my photo gallery and my ringtone changed numerous times.

I often wonder what the world of technology will be like when they are older.

Will they be begging me to let them implant the chip for a newly invented phone into their arm ‘because all their friends are doing it’?

In September, Diva girl will unwillingly attend her new school where she’ll be in the French Immersion program. A newsletter came home on her last day of school before the summer break to advise us that the school board has implemented a ‘BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE’ program. So now children will be allowed to bring tablets, and other technology for learning purposes at school.

A room full of six year olds with cell phones, tablets and laptops?


I see no issues at all.



Yes, the tooth is out! Diva girl has lost her first tooth at the age of 5 and her adult tooth is already making a strong appearance. Geez, that girl moves fast! It was pretty much hanging by a thread last night and she was afraid she would swallow it. Luckily it stayed in place overnight, because as much as I love my daughter I was not going to extract that thing from anything coming out the other end the following day…and you know what I mean! She was so excited, I decided to write the teacher a note and put a little Ziploc bag in her backpack to save it if it fell out at school.

That’s exactly what happened! Did I call that or what? She was eating her pita and she spit it out thinking it was “a dry piece of cheese” (Hello? Like I would give her dried up cheese???) . She didn’t even notice it was her tooth until she started feeling for it with her tongue. Don’t you remember doing that as a kid when your baby teeth were falling out? You tried to push it as far as you could. It became your favourite pastime until the tooth finally fell out. Anyway, her teacher put it in the bag for her so she could bring it home. After bath time she put it under her pillow and she is now fast asleep waiting for the Tooth Fairy. She didn’t even want to lie on the pillow because she thought she would crush it and then the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t find it. She did this thing where her head was on her hands and her bum was in the air until I explained (without laughing…almost) that the Tooth Fairy could get under the pillow and find her tooth no matter what.

I love this stuff!

Well, she will be very excited when she wakes up tomorrow. A nice chunk of change and a note from the Tooth Fairy will make her Friday. My mother made sure to tell me that a quarter just won’t cut it these days. What the heck? This is only tooth number one! I’m gonna need a 2nd job after they’re all out. Oh well, that’s life.


The Tooth Fairy (aka No Super Mom)