Soooo….tomorrow is the second week of school and I am NOT meeting Diva girl at school when she gets off the bus. I AM NOT MEETING HER. I AM NOT MEETING HER.

Okay, if I say it enough times, it should sink in by the morning and I should be fine. Sigh.

Ugh…this mom thing is hard. There is no book in the world that can prepare you for the worry, the “what ifs”, the heart stopping fear and the unending flow of tears that become a permanent part of your world once you become a mom. Can you imagine if someone passed you a manual in your early twenties that told you in great detail how you would become this mushy, emotional ball of nerves at the merest thought of anything slightly negative happening to your child? How your world stops when they are hurt or sick; or how the feeling of relief at their well-being can reduce you into a pool of water?

All you’ll ever hear is that motherhood isn’t easy.

But it is rewarding. Aside from the worrying, there is the laughter and the hugs and the wet kisses. There are the “I love you Mommy” times and the “snuggle up” times. There is the pride in their accomplishments and their growth and development. When they look back at you with a thumbs up to say they’re okay and the smiles when they’ve finally tied their own shoelace or zipped up their jacket. There is the ultimate joy of learning to ride a bike or jumping rope, when they say “Mommy, I did it!”

Ugh…isn’t this mom thing great?




Grandparents are a blessing. They are there for emergency babysitting, they provide comfort, advice (lots of advice!) and much needed support.

Children are very smart and know exactly how to play their grandparents to get the attention they crave.

Wait…this doesn’t only apply to my children, does it?

My oldest has always had a very close relationship with my mother. At times I’ve almost felt like I was competing with my mother to raise my child the way I saw fit. Is that crazy? Don’t get me wrong, my mom is the best! She’s there whenever I need her and she’ll drop anything or anyone to come when I call. But grandchildren make your parents lose their mind!!!

Wait…this doesn’t only apply to my parents, does it?

Oh come on people…don’t leave me hanging!

There are things that I could never get away with when I was a child that my mother finds so cute in my children now. My mother’s famous tag line is “Life’s too short….!”  Ha! If I did or said half the things that my kids do now when I was a kid, I would have gotten a look that could freeze the Sahara! But my kids know that all they have to do is squeeze out a few tears and make enough noise to make their grandmother say “Okay, okay, here you go…don’t cry!” Ugh!

What’s worse is that my oldest will hide behind her grandmother when she knows she’s misbehaving and make a face that says “Ha, ha, you can’t get me!”

But she’s only five….it doesn’t occur to her that Nana has to go home sometimes……

(Insert evil laugh here)



Okay, so do you remember before you had kids? I know, I know, seems like forever right? Think about those times when you’d be out, either at the mall or someone’s house and there would be that one child that wasn’t listening. As a matter of fact they were being downright rude! Remember looking at them and shaking your head and saying something like “Geez! Why doesn’t his mother or father do something?” and then the really good part: “WHEN I HAVE KIDS, THEY WILL NEVER BEHAVE LIKE THAT!” (Insert laughter here!)

Oh yes, parents everywhere you were duped into thinking that your child would be the one ‘special’ child that behaved like an angel everywhere you went! Poor fools! You thought ‘the look’ that your parents used on you would work on your own offspring?! Sigh…so did I; my friends! So… did… I!

I remember going out with my mom, and I was usually pretty well behaved. But you know how it is…every so often you try to push your boundaries. But whenever I did, my mother pushed right back! All she had to do was give me ‘the look’. You know…the one that said “You must have lost your mind, to think you could get away with that!” One of those looks, could straighten your posture, sit you down and press every wrinkle out of your best outfit! Whew!

However, this generation of beautiful, talented and independent children don’t always respond to ‘the look’. Now don’t get me wrong, my kids are pretty good. But every so often I have to remind them that there is a certain way to behave when you are in public and every so often they choose to ignore ‘the look’.  I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve only had one major public tantrum from Diva girl, who is now old enough to think again before throwing herself down on the floor. Baby girl still has her moments but it’s manageable.

I’ve worked very hard on my look. You know you have to get it just right. A little bit of “don’t even think about it” and a touch of “I will get loud right about now!” and sprinkle some “didn’t we talk about this before we left the house?”  If you get just the right combo, it can usually calm things down, before they get out of hand. But as a mother of two, I am now seasoned enough to know that it’s a fine line between manageable and full blown chaos sometimes!

I don’t know about you, but now when I do see a child misbehaving in public, instead of shaking my head, I say “Thank God it’s not my kid!”

At least not today!



So…I found out a few days ago that my children’s daycare may be closing. It is one of 12 government run centres in the region of Peel and provides some of the highest quality daycare in the region, so of course it would make sense that a consulting firm would recommend for it to be closed. I mean come on; children only represent the future and need the best care and nurturing possible. How dare we as parents choose to provide that for them to the best of our ability? Sorry, I’m a little upset. We were told by members of some council that if the recommendation is approved that the closures will be in effect September of this year and that 7 months is more than enough time to find alternate child care options. Parents out there….are you laughing??? Anyone who’s had their children on a waiting list for the daycare of their choice for 1 to 2 years, must be rolling on the floor at the hilarity of that suggestion, right? Not only that, but when you choose a centre, I’m sure like me, you had to weed through some places that really didn’t leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. So when you finally find that place that you feel comfortable will take care of your children the right way, you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot! Now, my jackpot is being into….well I don’t like to swear in public.

Their reasoning of course is based on money and they say that closing these 12 centres and displacing at least 800 children and even more teachers will help solve their problems. No other recommendations have been put forward, and I am only one of many parents wondering what we will do if this recommendation is approved. I wonder if any of the councillors that will be voting on the future of children’s well-being are willing to share their nanny with me. I’m thinking not!

These centres are called Learn.Play.Care child care centres and they are located in Mississauga and Brampton. As a parent, if you are even slightly annoyed by what is happening, please feel free to contact the mayor of Mississauga’s office. I’m sure she’d like to hear from you.–peel-region-to-vote-on-daycare-closures