Baby girl gave me the countdown the other day…yes, that’s what I said…the countdown.

It was bath time and she wasn’t in the mood to cooperate with Mommy. So she was running around and causing lots of mischief. Now Baby girl knows when she’s pushing the boundaries and she also knows just how darn cute she is so sometimes she tries to use her adorability factor to try to get away with stuff. She will just throw her head back and laugh as she refuses to put on her PJ’s or she’ll give me the big brown puppy dog eyes when I catch her putting her barrettes in her juice.

But I was tired and it was time for the girls to go to bed, plus Diva girl really wanted a story before she went to sleep so I was trying to factor all that in and make sure they still went to bed at a decent hour.


Well Baby girl wasn’t interested. Now, I had 2 choices…


Firm tone with consequences.

Yelling was my first inclination (yeah I know…bad mommy).

I went with the firm tone just so you know. Then I gave her the countdown.

1-2-3-4…..don’t let me get to 5

This usually works quite well, as the girls know that waiting until 5 is not their best option. Privileges and treats are in jeopardy and the threat of time spent in their room looms over them.

Well, she let me get to 5. Yes, she did. So she was put in her room while I helped Diva girl get ready for bed.

Now that the attention was no longer on her, Baby girl proceeded to wail at the top of her lungs (she was laughing in between so don’t feel too bad). Then she decided she wanted me to come help her get dressed after all, to which I said “When you are ready to listen to Mommy, then I will come back in there…”

The child started counting…

Now Diva girl is staring at me in shock and then she burst out laughing. I told her to stop and she said…

“But Mommy, it’s so funny!” and since I was trying not to laugh myself, I told her to try to laugh quietly so Baby girl didn’t hear us.

One…two….’free’….four….DON’T LET ME GET TO FIVE MOMMY!



As you may have gathered from previous blogs, I’m not very organized. It is something I have come to accept. No matter how hard I try, there is always something that I’ve forgotten. Even with the best intentions, I seem to always be rushing to an appointment, work, getting the kids off to school and daycare, a wedding, a birthday party, and so on…!

My Diva girl is now 5 years old (yes, she is!) and she is never in a hurry. NEVER! So in the mornings, once I’ve peeled her from under her covers and hoisted her into the bathroom to brush her teeth, amongst all of the whining, pleading, complaining and cajoling (yes, that’s me!)…my challenge is to get her to move at a pace that will work with the tight timeline I usually find myself in. SIGH…

Have you ever tried to rush a child? Really? Especially when she’s decided that she’s too tired to get dressed, she’s too tired to go to school, she’s too tired to eat her breakfast. However, she’s not too tired to watch cartoons while Mommy is chasing her baby sister around the house trying to brush her teeth and get her dressed. Never mind the fact that I am only half dressed myself, with moisturizer on only one side of my face and a now cold cup of coffee on the kitchen counter. Diva girl just yawns in complete boredom as her world spins around her and focuses on the antics of one of the characters on Treehouse or Disney Jr.

But in all fairness, how dare I rush her to put on her tights on yet another cold day, or to finish the Cheerios that she claims she really wanted instead of the toast that was already made? I mean come on…she already has so much on her plate with getting ready for a day of playing with her friends, singing songs and picking out a good book at the school library and then sitting down to the snack so lovingly made for her. Yikes! What a burden!

So here I am, once again at the door trying to get everyone to the car and watching my beautiful girl with only a bit of pent up frustration as she takes her own sweet time to get her jacket and shoes on, becoming distracted not once but twice by….pretty much anything really. But do I yell for her to hurry up?