I’d like to file a complaint! Who do I talk to?

Someone forgot to give me the manual and I don’t know what I’m doing!

There is no possible way anyone can expect me to know how to deal with growing children.

GIRLS…I might add

What? Just because I am one?

No way! They’re not built the way the used to be!

Moody, weepy, overly sensitive (ok, that’s me too), playing one minute and trying to kill each other the next.

They talk back and roll their eyes. One raised eyebrow and hands on hips and act like they’re the boss!

What the heck?

Now, I’m getting questions about life that I’m not even sure I’m ready to answer.

How the heck should I know?

I haven’t even figured it out yet!

I feel like I’m assembling my very first kitchen table from IKEA.

That was an experience, but this child rearing business takes the cake.

So, whoever has my manual better give it back…

Because apparently there are NO REFUNDS!



I’ve been really delinquent in blogging lately. I guess life just caught up to me. You know how it is…work; pick up the kids; dinners; doctor’s appointments and on and on and on. But I realized today, that I am failing in my duty to report the antics of my beautiful but wayward kids and that someone out there may truly be suffering due to the lack of knowledge of the mischief my girls bestow upon me on a daily basis.


I try to instil values in my girls. Diva girl knows how to make her bed, even though she doesn’t always make it. Baby girl knows to put her plate and cup in the kitchen after dinner and to clean up her toys. Never mind the fact that most of the leftover food from her plate ends up on the floor or cleaning up consists of flinging her toys across the living room to get them where they need to go.

So helpful…

I know it will thrill you all to know that Baby girl is so intent on helping Mommy that the other day she decided to help me polish the living room floor.


Have you ever tried to clean a whole jar of Vaseline off your hardwood floor? Oh what fun it is! The fact that she was smiling gleefully as she patted down the white gooey mess….obviously to get it just right, only added great, great and I mean great insult to injury! She could barely stand as she was covered from head to toe, but boy was she HAPPY!

Sigh…isn’t that what’s most important?




I don’t know about anyone else but I AM TIRED!

Raising kids is tiring. It takes more energy than I think anyone without children can really appreciate. It’s not only about the diaper changes and sleepless nights. There is also the emotional support and the quality time that children need and parents do their best to give. Did I mention the doctor’s and dentist appointments, as well as recitals and parent/teacher meetings and homework. Don’t forget the swimming lessons, soccer practice and birthday parties.

Why does my five year old have a more active social life than I do?

Maybe because I’m too tired to do anything after my kids have finally gone to bed.

Would I change it if I could? NO WAY!

Mind you….I am half asleep right now. I probably don’t even know what I’m saying…