Baby Girl

You will all be happy to know that my toddler has decided to do me the honour of using the potty….WHEN SHE FEELS LIKE IT. I’m a lucky, lucky, mommy! She has started using the word “Actually” (which she got from her sister) and uses it in the right context too. Like, when I say let’s get you of these clothes and into the bath and she says…”Actually, I’m poo’ing right now, mommy!” Of course you are my darling child; the potty is only 3 small steps away from where you’re standing. Why put yourself out? Or “Actually, I don’t like chicken!” But only because she has decided that she wants popcorn for dinner so chicken is no longer her favourite.

She has decided that she wants to take the school bus in the morning with her sister. But she doesn’t understand that the bus won’t take her to daycare and that Diva girl won’t be coming with her. So every morning, though we may get out of the house without a hitch (yeah right!) by the time we leave the ‘bus stop’, I have to convince her not to start rolling on the ground in tantrum mode and somehow get her into the car to drop her at daycare before going to work. I am convinced that my neighbours are laughing at me every day as I find different ways to bribe, plead, cajole and demand that she get into the car. That’s me….Master Negotiator!

Diva Girl

She lost another tooth! Yes…the adult one is already up and waiting to take its rightful place. So, she had another visit from the Tooth Fairy last week. This time her tooth was worth $3 instead of $5. I planned to use the excuse that the first tooth is special, but to my surprise she was happier with this amount, because she got 3 loonies instead of a $5 bill. In her mind, the coins were more valuable than one measly bill. Yup, let’s just go with that for now. Great concept for when allowances become necessary, but I’ll have to fill her in before she starts working!




“I’m too tired!”

“I don’t want to!”

“That’s not fair!”

These are the words that have become part of my morning routine. Diva girl is definitely NOT a morning person, and I am definitely NOT a happy mommy! Not only does it disrupt the morning schedule that I have tried to create, but this rebellious stage is exhausting and makes my throat very dry….yelling every morning will do that to you, you know.

To make matters worse, Baby girl is a parrot of her older sister’s actions and so now we have ‘Mini Me’ telling me that it’s ‘not fair’ when she doesn’t get to watch Dora at 8:30 in the morning and hanging her head, pouting her lip and crossing her arms when she doesn’t get her way. All the things she says are words and expressions learned from her big sister. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually quite cute to hear her try to pronounce all the words, but not so cute when I gotta get one on the school bus in less than 5 minutes and one in the car to get to daycare.

Funny, how quickly they move when they know they’re going to Nana’s house.

I’ve been told to try the reward system. I’m probably going to use stickers. Don’t worry, I promise not to use them to temporarily stick their mouths closed or anything like that.

That’s just wrong.

But if you see a kid with one stuck firmly to her forehead one day, you know I was at my wit’s end.



Well, the past 2 days have been pretty quiet on the school bus. No one is hitting my child and she is getting to school without mishap. I know this because of another drive by….don’t judge me okay? I’ll have you know that my mother (aka Nana) did her own drive by. She made me drive her there!


So, I’ve been seriously wondering if I should put Diva girl in some kind of martial arts class. I’ve always wanted any daughter of mine to take dance classes and wear a tutu and Diva girl loves to dance, but now I think maybe the frills need to be accessorized with a black belt. This way she can karate chop and plié the heck out of any bullies that dare to mess with her. Do you think there’s a hip-hop karate class, or a jujitsu jazz class or even a ballet taekwondo class?

What….too much?



I am proud to say that I did NOT meet Diva girl at school today! Yay me!

I did a drive by instead!

Listen, I never said I was perfect!

I was happy to see her safe and sound standing beside a teacher waiting to go inside. So I just kept on driving.

All was good in my world…until she came home and told me that one of the kids on the bus hit her! GRRR!

Apparently when she was standing with the teacher it was because she had been crying and just finished telling her what happened. In my efforts to be discreet, I didn’t see her tears.

How could I not have seen them? I feel like the worst mom in the world right now.

But tomorrow I will be speaking with the bus driver and the school.

Unhappy mom signing off.



So we made it through the first day with success! It was touch and go for a moment though. Every time Diva girl talked about the school bus or meeting new friends, her big brown eyes started to fill up. I tried my best to comfort her, but I recognize in her my fear of trying new things and meeting new people. It broke my heart and I almost lost it a couple of times. Just imagining how she would feel on the bus and at school, if not all of her friends from last year were in her class. I must admit I didn’t sleep well last night worrying about her on that bus out of my reach and Diva girl woke up at midnight and I knew it was nerves getting the best of her. So I tried to make all of her favourite things to eat for snack time and lunch. I even made a little heart out of construction paper and put it in her lunch bag, so that if she was feeling a little sad she could look at it to hopefully cheer her up. Then I took a deep breath, put a smile on my face and told her that “everything would be fine”.  Isn’t that a line that every mother keeps in her back pocket???

Well, being the Diva that she is…she was dressed to impress this morning, I must say. I bet you’re thinking I had something to do with that, aren’t you? You think you know me right?

Anyhoo, looking lovely as usual, even if she was very nervous; we took the obligatory first day of school pics with Baby girl in tow. Poor thing, Baby girl was sure she was going on the big bus too. She was posing her little heart out! Well, by the time they said the last chorus of “CHEESE!” and we saw the bus chugging up the road, Diva girl was so excited to be on the big bus, she gave us all a quick kiss and practically dragged me to the front of the line. Off she went, waving and smiling….all I wanted to do was cry! I was still “what if’ing”, but I promised to meet her at school today, and that is what I did. I wasn’t sure what I would find, but she was great! She’d already found old friends and was excited to start her day.


Wait a minute…we have to do this again tomorrow?