Just Another Sunday Morning

Just Another Sunday Morning

So here I was on a Sunday morning trying to find something to write about. Usually I can get a few thoughts out before the rising of the rest of the clan. But today my Diva girl was up before even her little sister which is truly a surprise.

Now the first thing my lovely soon to be 7 year old does, is dump herself on the couch beside me and ask for a story. Really? Does she not see me in creative mode? Then we have the reading over my shoulder as I write. Like that won’t break my concentration, especially as she tries to squeeze herself onto the couch beside me, right in that cozy corner where I have situated myself quite comfortably. Then she complains that she is falling off.

Hello? I was here first kid!

Yes, this is about you, but just because you can read doesn’t mean you should!

…and why is it okay for you to be asking me questions about what I’m writing while I’m writing it?

Aren’t you bored? How about some TV?

Sigh…I guess you need some attention now, huh?

Okay fine…

So then, I had to go and spend quality time with my daughter. Apparently it’s important for her development into a well-rounded and emotionally stable individual.