So, both of my daughters have a bit of a problem…

They both like to shop!

I have absolutely NO idea where they would have gotten something like that from!

It’s baffling to the mind…they really must get it from their father’s side.

Wouldn’t have anything to do with my shoe and bag addiction.

Ummm….nope that can’t be it!

I’ve kicked that particular habit…ALMOST.

Baby girl is obsessed with her blue sparkly shoes and her purple tiara. But as soon as she gets a new pair of shoes, she has to put them on and parade around the house for hours….and I mean hours!

Diva girl wrinkles up her nose at ‘Hello Kitty!’ but will wear anything with cool graphics and bright colours…and please, oh please, let it not be a dress!

Sigh…who on earth is influencing my children?!

What’s that Sweetie? A 2 for 1 sale at where…?

Okay, I’m logging off now…

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone!

Hopefully you haven’t spent too much money on senseless gifts for your little ones. This season should be about quality time spent with your family.

Blah, blah, blah…

Yes, I have spent too much money on senseless gifts! It’s what I do!

But at the same time, I made sure that the girls gave back by donating both clothes and toys to different charitable organizations and I am trying to make sure that Diva girl has a good understanding of how lucky we are and that there are little girls and boys out there who may not have the same holiday experience that she will have. So what if I had to pry a plush Dora doll out of Baby girl’s pudgy little fingers. She had a hard time understanding why on earth we would put a pretty good toy in a big cardboard box instead of bringing it home.

She’s two. I can see it from her perspective.

But seriously, I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season where you eat a little too much and sleep a little too long. Where gifts are given and received with love and appreciation and family time does not descend into chaos and conflict. Hugs are offered freely and kisses are given with sweetness. Turkey and stuffing and wine and good cheer are all a part of the days to come…

Or you could just sit on the couch watching a movie and eating Chinese food.




Kids are so different aren’t they? Some kids like to create and build. Some like to dig and invent. Some kids like to be the center of attention, while some are quite happy to exist outside of the limelight and just be still. Some kids are active and good at all kinds of sports. Some kids are pretty laid back and don’t like to do as much as their parents might like….and then there’s my daughter.

Meet Diva girl; a 5 year old dynamo. She runs and talks a mile a minute. She runs to sit down, she runs to lay down; she runs EVERYWHERE! She can ask you the same question 5 times before you’ve even had the chance to formulate an answer. Her energy knows no bounds.

But I should have known that this was who she would be….since the day she was born.

It’s all in the delivery my friends.

Here are the facts: my labour was 4 ½ hours, by the time we got to the hospital the lovely nurses who were just humouring a new mother to be ended up almost knocking their selves unconscious while trying to get me to the delivery room. Fifteen minutes after I got to the hospital, we first met the Diva! At 2 months, I took her to get her pictures done and lying on her tummy, she held her head up and smiled right into the camera. Needless to say the photographer was very impressed. Even learning to walk was like trying to grab the wind! She was determined to move past the normal development milestones to get where she was going. At 18 months, people kept asking how old she was, because she could have a conversation with you as if she was 3. I could go on…

But basically, Diva girl has been in a hurry to get somewhere ever since she was a baby. It is commonplace to hear someone in our house yelling ‘WALK!’ at least 10 times a day. When she started Jr. Kindergarten she was in a combined class (JK/SK) so most of her friends were older than her. So when they started losing their teeth she was quite upset to see her perfect white teeth still holding strong and refusing to let go. “Mommy, it’s not fair that Shauna’s tooth came out and mine didn’t!” Well…one day while helping her to brush what do I see? A TOOTH! Yes, even her teeth are in a rush, her baby teeth were still intact but there are 2 of her permanent teeth already waiting to take their rightful place as residents in her mouth. It’s so funny to see her with 2 rows, but it doesn’t surprise me. I tell her to slow down but she just rolls her eyes…

She was probably doing that in my tummy too.

Yup, the delivery says it all. We haven’t even talked about Baby girl…..



I think its pretty amazing how your perception changes when you become a mother. Things that used to gross me out before are now, if not commonplace, at least not too surprising.

Let’s see… I’ve been puked on more times than I can count. Puke down my shirt after I’ve dressed for work or puke in my hand because the bathroom is too far away and there’s never a pail or even a towel when you really need one. You learn to catch it while you can!

I’ve had snot from a really bad cold sneezed in my face or left on my shoulder because I was more concerned that one of my babies was sick than I was about ‘catching the cooties’!

But the most prestigious badge of honour that any mother could ever receive is the first poo on any part of your body!  I remember when Diva girl was a few weeks old; during one of her diaper changes the stuff came flying right out of her little bum as soon as I removed the diaper. I tell you, it squirted out like water from a water gun and her father went running like a little girl! I looked down at the mess on my jeans and thought ‘Oh well, I’ll just have to change’. Before kids, I would have been running myself. There was the time I had Baby girl lying on a blanket because I couldn’t find the change pad and I figured I would just do a quick change and as I reach for the diaper, I can see the poo slowly oozing out all over the blanket. What the heck can you do? I’ve had it roll across my carpet because a toddler couldn’t wait to show that she could use the potty by herself. Any mom can attest to the big poo right up the back of the diaper that no matter how hard you try gets all over your hands.

Yes, for those who are not parents or involved in childcare on a regular basis, this all sounds pretty gross. But you would be amazed at what a happy occasion a child’s poo can be especially when they’re constipated or very sick. Sometimes a bowl movement (I finally stopped saying ‘poo’!) can be an indication that your child is on the mend. It can be a sign of accomplishment when your little one finally lets the poo go in the potty instead of her diaper. I am admitting to all of you, that I have done the potty dance!  Don’t judge me.

When it’s all said and done, I’m still a girly girl that is easily grossed out by many things. Never thought I’d see the day when I could actually say that a kid’s ‘poo’ isn’t one of them.

Okay, who am I kidding? It’s still pretty gross!





So, here I am trying to be conscious of what I feed my kids as well as what I put on their skin. Baby girl has had eczema since birth and I just found out a month ago that Diva girl has apparently developed a mild case. Geez! So, because of this I have been searching for an affordable but natural sunscreen. I say affordable, because when you have 2 kids in 2 different daycare rooms, you need 2 tubes of sunscreen and at $20 -$30 a tube, the natural stuff can really drain your wallet.

I’m just sayin…

I did my research and found a few brands that sounded great. The first problem was finding a retailer and not having to order online. Which I don’t normally mind, but I was under a time crunch since it is required as soon as it starts to get warm (for daycare, I mean). Imagine my surprise when I walked into my local HomeSense and found a natural brand for less than $10! Unfortunately, there was only 1 bottle left, but anyone who has shopped in HomeSense or Winners, knows that when you find something, you better get it right away, because it won’t be there for long. So I bought it! How proud of myself, I was to know that I had procured at least one bottle of a natural sunscreen for the girls! Heiko Sunscreen for Kids (reg. $30 online)! I marched into that daycare feeling very GREEN. Baby girl would not only be protected from the damage the sun could do to her skin, but also from the evil chemicals that the other companies layered into their products! I AM MOTHER, HEAR ME ROAR!

Can someone tell me why my child came home looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost?!

There was a layer of white cream dried into a halo shape around the perimeter of her face and both arms were caked with this natural sunscreen. Why? Why? Why? I asked the teachers. Well, because the darn thing doesn’t rub in, of course! Duh! Apparently when you remove all the garbage that comes in some of the other brands it no longer absorbs into your skin.

Now, I must admit…the first time I saw her, I laughed my head off. She looked as if she’d dunked her head into a bowl of baking flour! Okay, stop laughing! This is my kid we’re talking about here! Yes, I’m smiling, but I’m her mother!!!

Well, luckily the sunscreen I found for Diva girl (couldn’t find any more of the Heiko) was Alba Botanica for Kids and it apparently is a good natural choice too. So far it has rubbed in well and now I’m on the hunt to find another tube, since I did only pay $9!

During my search I have discovered other natural brands, so I’m learning a lot. The Alba Botanica allows the girls to retain their natural complexion, so I think I’ll stick with it for now. If anyone knows of anything that may be better then I will gladly try it out. Let me know!  As long as it doesn’t require my kids to say “BOO!” then I’m happy!



So my adventure this week was shopping with my 2 darling daughters. Mothers everywhere are snickering right now. Do I really need to go into details about attempting to browse with a toddler and preschooler in tow? Well, the first mistake was not taking the stroller. But I will blame that on their wonderful father, who claimed he would carry Baby girl….you’re all laughing at me right now aren’t you? Needless to say, I ended up with Diva and Baby girls and they went crazy! My 4 year old knows how to behave when we go out, but Baby girl’s antics makes Diva girl think that she should be able to get away with the same things. Who can blame her? Why should little sister get to run through the store like a crazy child while she has to stick with Mom and be on her best behaviour? That’s so unfair! So in order to compete with the giggling toddler who is giddy with freedom, Diva girl starts to dance to the music playing in Old Navy and tries to throw some break dancing into her routine. The only thing that stopped her from actually getting down on the floor and doing one of those spin things is the look on my face that said “You must be out of your mind, little girl!”

Apparently she is very familiar with that look now…practice really does make perfect!!!

After grabbing Baby girl, just steps away from the store exit for the 3rd time, I place her beside me and in my most stern voice, tell her not to move. Her response is to play ‘hide n seek’ around the clothing racks. Harmless enough right? Stop laughing!

While I’m indulging her while she hides and then jumps out from behind a dress rack, Diva girl starts spinning crazily which makes me stop to yell “Stop it, you’ll get dizzy!” With visions of concussions from sharp store fixtures floating through my head, I turn back to see Baby girl trying to sneak away from me. Now picture this if you will…

A child no more than 3 feet tall, crouched down and trying to tip-toe out of the store as she peeks over her shoulder to see if anyone (me) is watching. Really???? I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or yell as she makes a beeline for the exit once again. Did I mention that Daddy is still shopping? Sigh…

Lesson learned….shopping is not a team sport.