Because motherhood will never be a perfect science


It has occurred to me on more than one occasion that as a mother of two young girls; one vivacious and dramatic; and one mischievous but also moody….


These girls are not even anywhere in the realm of puberty and already I feel the gray hairs popping up when I imagine the mood swings and the dramatic outbursts.

I bet you think I’m exaggerating don’t you?

Well, when a completely calm request for your five year old to read a book she’s read a hundred times, turns into a crying fest that lasts for 30 minutes and you finally come to find out that she was too shy to read in front of her Nana that was visiting at the time… then you can judge for yourself.

Then there are the fights…

Baby girl is already telling her big sister to get out of her room; although it sounds more like “woom”. Baby girl is almost always the first to “throw a punch”. Not literally, but she’s not above handing out a kick or a slap in the head if she can get to her sister fast enough. Everyone that I talk to who has siblings tells me that this is normal. But being an only child makes it really hard to believe that the fights can happen so randomly and so quickly. One minute they’re hugging and singing and the next there are tears and fingers pointing and someone yelling…..that would be me of course.

I think the pre-teen years are going to kill me!


Just One of Those Days…

Yesterday was one of those days where everything the kids did just set me off. I was yelling like a crazy woman all morning. If it wasn’t chasing down a toddler to wipe her face or change her diaper. It was trying to get a kindergartner to eat her breakfast or brush her teeth. I felt as if everywhere I turned, a new battle was waiting for me. Whatever happened to those Calgon commercials??? I definitely could have used one of those! But since there was no magic position to “take me away” and put me in a paradise where only stressed out mothers were allowed, I yelled and stomped my way through.  There was crying and fits of temper in every corner. NO…it wasn’t only coming from me!

As I felt the stress building and the steam threatening to escape from the top of my head, I turned to see both my girls with their heads together in commiseration against the tyrant of a mother who had temporarily lost her marbles. You know what? It made me smile. I just thought ‘Good. On days like this, when I’m driving them as crazy as they’re driving me…they have each other and that’s the way it should be!’

But if anyone out there has a big bottle of Calgon….let me know!

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