Diva girl has always been a talker. Ever since the age of 18 months she has been talking in complete sentences and people always stop to ask me how old she, because she speaks so well.

My baby is a genius…OBVIOUSLY.

However, this stroke of genius can sometimes be a double edged sword. It is cute and cutting at the same time.

Cute: when she was 3 years old and would spend the night or weekend at Nana’s. She would call me every so often. If she got the answering machine she would say: “Hi Mommy, How you doin’? Good. See you tomorrow!”  It was so cute how she would ask and answer her own question and it was also cute that she ALWAYS  said see you tomorrow even when she knew it was time to come home. Did I not tell you the child is smart?

Cutting: when she is sent to her room as the consequence of inappropriate behavior she does not back down from the argument….EVER! she also will talk all the way to her room until she sees me on my way up the stairs then she yells the rest of her argument down at me as she makes a quick escape to her room.


Yes, my Diva girl is a very smart girl who an amazing vocabulary for one so young. Maybe she’ll be a lawyer? She can argue my insanity plea, since I’ll probably lose my mind by then!

I love being a mom!

No really, I’m not being sarcastic here…

Okay, maybe just a little.



Diva girl is a talker. She can literally talk a mile a minute without taking a breath. Most of the time she’ll ask me a question and before I even have a chance to formulate an answer, she will have asked the same question at least 2 times! I won’t lie, depending on my mood, my answer  (when I finally get a chance) might be a bit sharp….but that’s usually when I’ve answered the same question 2 to 3 times after being asked 9 to 10 times! Sigh!

I read on Baby Center Canada that this is normal for her age and so I am trying to exercise patience as she runs through a story like she’s running a marathon. I must admit I do enjoy watching her expressions as she explains all the little things that are so important in her world. My head spins just trying to make sense of some of her explanations, because she’s talking so fast she has no time for proper explanations.

Even at times of discipline, my Diva girl will keep talking. She knows she’s in trouble and as she stomps up to her room, she will talk about how unfair her life is.


I love my little Diva, but I do sometimes wish she had a pause button.