Well, Baby girl is 3 ½ years old and she is as tricky as she is cute. I think of her as my little Minnie Mouse. Her voice goes up an octave at the end of each sentence or question. She scrunches up her nose when I say something that she doesn’t understand…like why she can’t have a lollipop at 7am.

She’s almost as quick as her sister with the comebacks. For example…

A few weeks ago we went out for lunch with Nana after gymnastics. As we enjoyed our food Baby girl was in a very talkative mood and spent more time talking than eating. At one point I said to her, “Okay, enough talking Missy Chatty, Chatty.” She immediately responded “Okay, Miss Coffee, Coffee!”

Ahem….I quietly sipped my coffee after that. My mother didn’t make a very good effort at hiding her smirk.

Very nice Nana….!

But she’s the sweetest thing most of the time. I get endless hugs and kisses whenever I ask. She offers to help in the kitchen and in the laundry room. She eats all of her fruits and veggies without arguing unlike her big sis. That reminds me of one day last week when she requested strawberries as her snack. Well, I was in the kitchen washing dishes and actually forgot to give them to her. That sweet little thing came into the kitchen and said….

Old woman…where are my strawberries?”

She had the smile of an angel…sigh.

Yes…I’m sure she’s only 3 ½. I was there when she was born.

Gotta love my Baby girl!



My conversation with Baby girl (three years old) at daycare last week…

“Mommy, what hole did I come out of when I was a baby?”

My response?

I’ll let you know when I think of one…