Baby girl is growing and changing every day. She’s now 2 ½ years old and her vocabulary seems to be expanding at a tremendous rate. I love watching her change and it amazes me at how much she picks up from her big sister. But at the same time I can’t help but feel a slight twinge of melancholy when I realize that soon her baby talk will be all gone.

She still can’t pronounce the ‘s’ on certain words. So snow sounds like ‘no’ and snake sounds like ‘nake’ and store sounds like ‘tore’ and I must admit I love that stuff! As much as I can’t wait for the potty training stage to be over, I’m sad because it’s just another reminder that time certainly doesn’t stand still.

She has started singing about anything and everything. From drinking her milk, to using the potty; from watching her sister get into trouble to watching Dora the Explorer. Everything has become a song and she sings it as if she is rehearsing for her break out concert.

I can’t help but feel emotional at times, just watching her discover and explore and run to keep up with her big sister. Sometimes she’ll catch me watching her and actually wave or give me a thumbs up. She’s even started winking at me!

This kid is seriously cute!

I also have the chance to recapture brief glimpses of when Diva girl was this age and in my mind I can compare the things they do and it’s great to find the parallels in their behaviour and also the contradictions that emphasize their personality.

I still get my hugs and kisses, but I know that soon I will have to beg for them and I’m not ready.

So I’m going to have to enjoy these moments along with the ones that totally stress me out. I’ve started sending up a quick prayer of thanks for even those moments that make me crazy. When you think about it, it’s all part of motherhood and wishing those times away is like giving away moments in your child’s life as well as yours.

I know you parents out there with kids currently in the teenage stage are rolling your eyes right now huh?



My toddler is growing in leaps and bounds. She is now a strong walker who thinks she’s a runner. She eats all kinds of foods even when her big sister won’t and she has an ever growing vocabulary that reminds me how fast time goes by. One of her newest words is “Kay” which actually means “Okay”. I know this, because as mothers it’s our job to translate for the world the amazing things our toddlers say; and she does say some amazing things. She says “teese” for cheese and “wa-la-la” for water. I mean come on is this kid brilliant or what?! So whenever I ask her to put something away or to give something to me, she says “Kay!” Whenever I tell her its dinner time, bath time or bedtime, she says “Kay!”  It’s the cutest thing to see her march off with her diaper laden walk headed with purpose to put away her toys or to bring me her sippy cup.

But there’s a catch. “Kay” might mean okay, but it doesn’t always mean she’ll actually do what I say, at least not right away. 

Dinner time never seems to be a problem, because I don’t thinks she’s met a food yet that doesn’t have her name on it. She loves bath time, but “Kay” means she’ll have the bath…with her clothes on! So we have a ten minute negotiation on taking clothes off before getting into the bath. When she’s finally ready and after several no’s, I’ll get the “Kay” to go ahead, so we can get her without clothes into the tub. At bedtime, “Kay” can mean many things. Yes, to a story, but not to sitting quietly. Yes to getting under the covers with her sister, but it’s not a promise not to hit her sister in the head or to scream loudly from under the covers.

 “Kay” can also be the sign of a hard fought battle. After countless instructions to stop doing something that she shouldn’t and ‘redirecting’ her to a different activity, where she refuses to listen or be distracted from her original goal. At some point she tires of completely defying me and she slowly puts down the object of our disagreement, she pointedly says “Kay” and with all the nonchalance that only a child her age could muster, she walks away as if there was never any problem at all.

I know this is part of her independence. She is growing and gaining confidence and I’m glad about it. I love to see her working with the utmost determination to systematically destroy my notes or her sister’s artwork, because she wants to hear the sound of ripping paper over and over again.  When she says “Kay” to eating Cheerios and then pours the entire bowl all over the floor, I know that she’s exploring cause and effect; and when she says proceeds to step all over them and mash them into the floor after I told her not to….well, what can I say? She’s just a baby, right?

So I take a deep breath and just tell myself to calm down. “KAY!”