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Does anyone remember the Bugs Bunny episode with the guy down on his luck walking the streets one night and he finds a singing frog? But just when he thinks he’s found his gold mine, the frog refuses to sing for anyone else and the guy is totally ridiculed.

That cartoon is the best one to describe my Baby girl. Picture this if you will….rambunctious toddler that copies everything her big sister says and does. She sings and dances with or without music. She bosses her sister around and tries to hit her with the nearest toy when she’s mad. She will throw a tantrum like nobody’s business. But as soon as she gets in front of our friends or extended family….?


Okay, so she doesn’t exactly croak, but she does button those lips of hers so tight and refuses to say one word. Her big brown eyes would be wide and innocent and that is that! No smiling, no talking, no NUTHIN!!!

She’s only just started talking at daycare and she’s been there since last October!!! I’m pretty sure all of her teachers thought I was crazy. I kept telling them how talkative she was at home and they gave me a look like I had a horn in the middle of my forehead! My only saving grace was that Diva girl could and did vouch for me! Times are bad; when I need my 5 year old to confirm that I’m not stark raving mad (at least not all the time!) Baby girl would be singing and dancing in the car; laughing and jumping on the walk up to the centre; talking a mile a minute in the hall of the centre and then I would open the door to the toddler room and….


Come on! Really???

I’ve even resorted to recording her with my phone just to have proof. But I’m now convinced that the child is trying to make me look bad! Yup, it’s all part of her diabolical plan to drive me up the wall. Oh yes, she may be cute but she’s tricky! Do I sound paranoid? Do I really?


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Toddler Charm

I think the toddler age is one of the best; maybe because I am the mother of children under the age of 6. But that age of discovery is wonderful to watch. Baby girl is talking up a storm and even though not all of her words can be understood by anyone but me, we sit and talk like two old friends catching up on the day. She shows me her eyes, ears and nose. She points to her belly button when she wants a tickle. She points to me and says “Tilly Mommy!” which translates to “Silly Mommy!” when I make faces at her. She tells her sister to “stop it!” and “go ‘way” when she’s had enough of her. She will launch into a torrent of words (some completely unintelligible) and knit her brow in consternation about whatever topic is concerning her at the moment. All of this with chubby cheeks and a sagging diaper only add to her charm. Like all toddlers, she is curious about the things around her and her most common question is “what dis?” for any and everything! She puts her hands up and shrugs her shoulders as if totally perplexed by the picture of a dog with a ball or a cat with yarn. She is cuter than the word cute!

No way am I biased or anything.

I’ve made an extra effort to really enjoy these times as I think with most moms, my 1st time around (with Diva girl) was so fraught with worry about all the things I must be doing wrong, that there were times when I may not have appreciated those special moments as much as I should have. Now, I stop, look and listen, and…..ENJOY!


All you moms out there: Let me know what age you think is the best!

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So my adventure this week was shopping with my 2 darling daughters. Mothers everywhere are snickering right now. Do I really need to go into details about attempting to browse with a toddler and preschooler in tow? Well, the first mistake was not taking the stroller. But I will blame that on their wonderful father, who claimed he would carry Baby girl….you’re all laughing at me right now aren’t you? Needless to say, I ended up with Diva and Baby girls and they went crazy! My 4 year old knows how to behave when we go out, but Baby girl’s antics makes Diva girl think that she should be able to get away with the same things. Who can blame her? Why should little sister get to run through the store like a crazy child while she has to stick with Mom and be on her best behaviour? That’s so unfair! So in order to compete with the giggling toddler who is giddy with freedom, Diva girl starts to dance to the music playing in Old Navy and tries to throw some break dancing into her routine. The only thing that stopped her from actually getting down on the floor and doing one of those spin things is the look on my face that said “You must be out of your mind, little girl!”

Apparently she is very familiar with that look now…practice really does make perfect!!!

After grabbing Baby girl, just steps away from the store exit for the 3rd time, I place her beside me and in my most stern voice, tell her not to move. Her response is to play ‘hide n seek’ around the clothing racks. Harmless enough right? Stop laughing!

While I’m indulging her while she hides and then jumps out from behind a dress rack, Diva girl starts spinning crazily which makes me stop to yell “Stop it, you’ll get dizzy!” With visions of concussions from sharp store fixtures floating through my head, I turn back to see Baby girl trying to sneak away from me. Now picture this if you will…

A child no more than 3 feet tall, crouched down and trying to tip-toe out of the store as she peeks over her shoulder to see if anyone (me) is watching. Really???? I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or yell as she makes a beeline for the exit once again. Did I mention that Daddy is still shopping? Sigh…

Lesson learned….shopping is not a team sport.


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