Baby Girl is 2 ½ years old. She can keep up with her sister during play time and can call the shots on what type of game they should play. Sometimes she’s the Mommy and Diva girl is the baby, or she may decide that they’re both mommies going shopping and ‘yours truly’ is the shop keeper.

She can have full conversations and explain what she likes or what she wants. Those of us that live with her can easily decipher any words that are not clear, although most of them are. She still drops the ‘s’ on words like “s-now”, “s-nort”, “s-cary”, “s-mell” and “s-noring” but otherwise she is pretty coherent.

She is getting taller and awful mother that I am, I have bought all kinds of ‘skinny’ jeans in multiple colours for her (in an appropriate fit for toddlers, of course)…they just look sooooo cute!!!

…and you should hear her sing a song! She can make a song out of just about anything she’s doing.

But as she grows, so does her independent streak.  Join me if you will, on a quick trip down memory lane…to last Thursday.

Getting ready for school, daycare and work that morning… it was a fairly peaceful morning and we were all up at a reasonable time. For the most part, there were no issues at all with the girls co-operating.


But hold on, I celebrated too soon, silly me…

Baby girl, who is in love with the concept of playing dress up, decided that day that she wanted to wear her yellow “s-parkly” slippers. Now these ‘slippers’ are actually a pair of gold jelly sandals that are sparkly all over. I bought them at Old Navy last year and she re-discovered them in the back of her closet. Since then she has put them on every morning before we leave and every evening before bath time. The rule is that she can play in her shoes (if they’re clean) in her room until ‘time is up’ and she usually has no issue with it.

Until last Thursday morning….

Okay, so let’s skip the part where I explain why she can’t wear them (we live in Ontario, Canada and it’s March…you get it, right?) This is where the tantrum takes place.

I put on her coat, she takes it off. Put it on again, off again. Boots??? Ya, right! So I decided that the best thing to do was use some reverse psychology, because she’s 2 ½ and that should work, shouldn’t it?

So Diva girl and I get our coats and boots on and we grab our bags and we say goodbye to Baby girl as she is now in the living room and refusing to move. I grab my keys and turn off the light in the entry way.

She’s not moving.

So, we leave and I lock the door for dramatic effect.

Diva girl looks at me in expectation as we stand on the front step and says “I guess we’ll open it when she starts crying right?”


One minute, two minutes, three for good measure!

I open the door; because of course she is only 2 ½ and I don’t want this to turn into cruel and unusual punishment!


Baby girl is watching TV (yes, she turned it on), coat and sweater off eating Melba toast and sitting on the living room floor. She gets up to see who is at the door and when she realizes it’s me, she sits back down to continue watching her show as if to say “Oh, it’s just you”


Yes, I’m sure she is only 2 ½.

Let’s just leave it there; needless to say my voice was ‘a bit’ stern before she decided to do me a favour and saunter over to put the ‘dreaded’ boots and coat on.

After seeing the look on my face, her daycare teacher asked her if she was having a good morning and the child had the nerve to say “YES”!


Terrible Two’s???

Terrible Two’s???

Who says the two’s are terrible???


Actually it starts around 16 months (in my humble opinion) and slowly builds as they months go by and I’m not sure terrible is the right word.

Hmm….frustrating, annoying, exhausting, make you wanna pull your hair out-ing. Sigh. Now I’m not even using proper grammar. That should tell you the state I’m in.

Baby girl is on an emotional rollercoaster lately and has decided to take me for a ride! She’s up, then she’s down and when she’s down….SHE’S HYSTERICAL! I don’t mean that as in hysterically funny either. I mean falling down on the ground, tears, screaming and throwing things…kind of hysterical. Problem is you don’t even see it coming sometimes. One minute she’s playing with her sister or singing a song, the next minute, I see a pout forming, “NO” spilling from her lips for no reason that I can figure out and then when you ask what’s the matter…..???? ‘Complete and total meltdown’.

When she’s in this state, nothing can soothe her. If it was something she wanted, she no longer wants it. If she was hungry and didn’t vocalize, she is no longer hungry, which is when the food ends up on the floor. If she is tired, she is too busy screaming to relax. What happened to my ‘happy, go lucky, mischievous’ little baby??? I tried to remember Diva girl at this age and if it was this bad, and I know I experienced the so-called terrible two’s….but this somehow feels like a new phrase should be coined. Tyrannical Toddler Time?  Crazy Kiddie Years?  Attack of the Hostile Offspring? Ballistic Brood?

Maybe I’m exaggerating. It could be the fact that Baby girl sent my cell phone flying across the lawn and proceeded to fall into a mass of screams and tears on the walkway in front of our house today.

Is it bad a thing that it took me a few seconds to decide which one I was going to pick up first…….?

Relax! I picked the baby up first. After all, she was closer!