Self-doubt, it’s one of those things that can pretty much drive you crazy. As a mother it makes you cry. It makes you second guess your decisions and makes you over-analyze the ones you do make.

Was I too harsh in my punishment?

Did I really have to yell?

Maybe it was an accident…

Every day can present its own challenges and all good intentions go out the window.

I try to be patient, but there are days when patience escapes me.

I try to be calm, but I find only frustration.

I try to listen, only to see resistance at every turn.

I try to be the best mom I can be, but I often fall short of my own expectations.

But one thing motherhood has taught me is that children are so much more forgiving than adults are. Messing up is okay, because tomorrow is a new day!

Mistakes will be made. We just need to learn from them.

But on the days when you’re feeling especially bad, there is only one solution.