My Big Girl

My Big Girl

Diva girl woke up last Saturday and walked into the kitchen with a very intense vibe. 

“Mommy, can I tell you something? ”

Oh good Lord…what is it? But my panic attack was all silent as I waited with outward calm.

“My tooth came out while I was brushing my teeth and when I was rinsing it off it fell down the drain.”

Ummm…that’s it???

But the look on her face told me I needed to be more sensitive. Putting my arms around her, I gave her a small hug and asked if she was upset by it and did we need to leave a note for the Tooth Fairy. Now this is a child who no longer truly believes in the Tooth Fairy and is pretty confident that mommy and daddy are leaving her the money. Which is fine with me but I did remind her when she confronted me with her conclusions that if she no longer believed, then she had no reason to get money under her pillow anymore. So of course she is willing to look the other way for a little ‘hush’ money.

So that morning she gave me a big squeeze and a sad face and said yes she wanted to leave a note regarding her wandering  tooth.

Sigh…Dear Tooth Fairy…yada yada yada and all that stuff. Please leave the cash and we owe you a tooth.

You know…that Tooth Fairy is such a sucker.

Another One Out!

Another One Out!

Attention! Baby Girl lost the other front tooth!  I repeat…the other tooth is out!
Never mind how cute she looks and the fact that she lisps when she talks (Omg…it’s so cute!)
Let’s focus on the financial strain this child is placing on the…um…Tooth  Fairy.
Have you no compassion?
Where’s the nearest ATM?
In case the Tooth Fairy wants to know…of course.

The Tooth Fairy is Back!

The Tooth Fairy is Back!

Well…here we go again! Loose teeth everywhere! But now we multiply that by two children who have absolutely no care or concern for the very shallow pockets that the Tooth Fairy may have. I mean of course she may also have a very stylish handbag…she loves  a good handbag…but that doesn’t mean she’s rich! How dare they have more than one shaky tooth at a time! The Diva has three!  What the heck? Then Baby girl just comes along with two loose teeth and they just happen to be her front teeth at the top.  You know that those will bring in a pretty penny. How can she betray me…er…the Tooth Fairy  like that? Well, I gotta go…I’m scanning the classifieds for part-time work. Ahem…not for me of course. Just trying to help out the TF…we gotta stick together! 😉



The Tooth Fairy is back in business ladies and gentlemen!

Baby Girl’s first tooth is out!

We have no idea where it is…but it’s out!


It’s been loose for a week and a half and she’s been waiting very impatiently for it to fall out so that she could get her money from the Tooth Fairy.

Every day I’ve asked her…”So how’s the tooth?” and every day it was still there, hanging on. We’d stare anxiously into the sink every morning and evening as she brushed her teeth, just to make sure it didn’t accidentally fall down the drain.

Her sister reminded her to be careful when she ate.

No luck.

But today, after school I asked her “So is that tooth still hanging on?” and she said “No!” and showed me a big gap! But she had no idea where it went.


Her two little friends thought it was hilarious, they think it fell out when she was eating watermelon this afternoon. Her teacher was mortified because no one said anything to her about it and she fears that Baby Girl may have swallowed it. I was just disappointed because it was her very first one to fall out. Would you believe the Diva almost burst into tears when she found out her baby sister couldn’t find her tooth? I was quite impressed by the emotion. I kind of thought she would have just rolled her eyes!

Baby Girl was just worried that she wouldn’t get any money!

Of course, I assured her that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t leave her hanging like that. We took a picture of the gap and posted a note on Facebook, because…why wouldn’t the Tooth Fairy have a FB account???

But being me, and as organized and together as I always am (stop laughing); I’m up at 3am, because I suddenly remembered that someone forgot to leave the note and money under Baby Girl’s pillow!

Okay fine! That someone is me…I mean the Tooth Fairy…you know what I mean!

By the way, can anyone loan me some money?





Baby Girl

You will all be happy to know that my toddler has decided to do me the honour of using the potty….WHEN SHE FEELS LIKE IT. I’m a lucky, lucky, mommy! She has started using the word “Actually” (which she got from her sister) and uses it in the right context too. Like, when I say let’s get you of these clothes and into the bath and she says…”Actually, I’m poo’ing right now, mommy!” Of course you are my darling child; the potty is only 3 small steps away from where you’re standing. Why put yourself out? Or “Actually, I don’t like chicken!” But only because she has decided that she wants popcorn for dinner so chicken is no longer her favourite.

She has decided that she wants to take the school bus in the morning with her sister. But she doesn’t understand that the bus won’t take her to daycare and that Diva girl won’t be coming with her. So every morning, though we may get out of the house without a hitch (yeah right!) by the time we leave the ‘bus stop’, I have to convince her not to start rolling on the ground in tantrum mode and somehow get her into the car to drop her at daycare before going to work. I am convinced that my neighbours are laughing at me every day as I find different ways to bribe, plead, cajole and demand that she get into the car. That’s me….Master Negotiator!

Diva Girl

She lost another tooth! Yes…the adult one is already up and waiting to take its rightful place. So, she had another visit from the Tooth Fairy last week. This time her tooth was worth $3 instead of $5. I planned to use the excuse that the first tooth is special, but to my surprise she was happier with this amount, because she got 3 loonies instead of a $5 bill. In her mind, the coins were more valuable than one measly bill. Yup, let’s just go with that for now. Great concept for when allowances become necessary, but I’ll have to fill her in before she starts working!



So just to keep you guys updated on how the whole Tooth Fairy episode turned out…

The next morning Baby girl and I went into Diva girl’s room while she was still asleep. It was time to wake up and so Baby Girl jumped on her as usual and kissed her face while I tickled her. Still in her morning grumpy state, I reminded her that the Tooth Fairy should have left something for her during the night. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she lifted the pillow to find a small Ziploc bag with a typed note and $5 (yes, Daddy gave me $5 to put under her pillow….yah we’ll talk about that later). I helped her read her note with barely contained excitement because I’m so mushy, I get into that kind of stuff (really never thought I would…see what kids do to you???). My darling daughter looked at me, the note then the money and in her sophisticated 5 year old self said to me…

“So did the Tooth Fairy really have to take my tooth?”




Yes, the tooth is out! Diva girl has lost her first tooth at the age of 5 and her adult tooth is already making a strong appearance. Geez, that girl moves fast! It was pretty much hanging by a thread last night and she was afraid she would swallow it. Luckily it stayed in place overnight, because as much as I love my daughter I was not going to extract that thing from anything coming out the other end the following day…and you know what I mean! She was so excited, I decided to write the teacher a note and put a little Ziploc bag in her backpack to save it if it fell out at school.

That’s exactly what happened! Did I call that or what? She was eating her pita and she spit it out thinking it was “a dry piece of cheese” (Hello? Like I would give her dried up cheese???) . She didn’t even notice it was her tooth until she started feeling for it with her tongue. Don’t you remember doing that as a kid when your baby teeth were falling out? You tried to push it as far as you could. It became your favourite pastime until the tooth finally fell out. Anyway, her teacher put it in the bag for her so she could bring it home. After bath time she put it under her pillow and she is now fast asleep waiting for the Tooth Fairy. She didn’t even want to lie on the pillow because she thought she would crush it and then the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t find it. She did this thing where her head was on her hands and her bum was in the air until I explained (without laughing…almost) that the Tooth Fairy could get under the pillow and find her tooth no matter what.

I love this stuff!

Well, she will be very excited when she wakes up tomorrow. A nice chunk of change and a note from the Tooth Fairy will make her Friday. My mother made sure to tell me that a quarter just won’t cut it these days. What the heck? This is only tooth number one! I’m gonna need a 2nd job after they’re all out. Oh well, that’s life.


The Tooth Fairy (aka No Super Mom)