How’s my writing going?
Don’t ask!
I really don’t want to talk about it.
Ok fine…it’s going very SLOWLY
It’s not that I’m NOT writing…I’m just not writing as much as I should and I feel I should be farther along.
See? I told you I didn’t want to talk about it!
How do people find the time to write a book/novel?
I mean seriously?
No really…I’m not in the mood to discuss.
Maybe one day when my kids are grown and don’t need me anymore and I’m retired…
What? Too dramatic?
Ok, maybe we should change the subject.
Read any good books lately? It sure as hell wasn’t mine!
This is all your fault

Writing a Book

Writing a Book


I decided to write a book.

As soon as I made the decision…and I mean truly committed to not only the decision but the action of writing a book…


Who the heck am I to write a book?

Who the heck wants to read anything I would write?

My writing sucks!

And so on…came the self-doubt!

But I’ve learned a lot over the past few years about how doubt and fear can sabotage your goals and I am fighting a daily battle with both so that I can move forward.

I will not allow myself to stop before I’ve even tried!

It’s amazing now, how many book ideas have flowed into my psyche since I made this decision

Now…how the heck am I going to write all of these books???



It’s my quiet time in the morning and I thought to myself that there are 2 things I could do right now…blog or relax on the couch and watch TV. I’m trying really hard to blog on a more regular basis. Regular for me means more than once a month! I really admire you parent bloggers out there who are able to find time to blog with such consistency.

My question to you is…”HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO IT?!”

There have been many nights where I’ve determined that I will get the kids to bed on time and myself ready for work the next day, so that I can sit in front of my laptop before I go to sleep and create very insightful and thought-provoking material for others to enjoy. Okay, let’s get the laughing out the way now please, because anyone who’s been following me, knows that whole thought-provoking comment was a load of ‘you know what’!  Are you done?

Anyhoo, most of the time, once the kids are FINALLY asleep well past the time I put them in bed, I am exhausted. But, determined to become a dedicated blogger, I drag myself in front of my laptop and wait for the words to come….

An hour later, I close my mouth to stop the snoring and drag my sorry behind to bed.

This dedication crap is killing me!